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I am TOOOOOO Inspirational today! Where’s my AWARD, peeps? hahahaha Ok, go read ‘Sad Wolf”-poem of my fella, Devane :))

Mr Buffy Devane

Thanks to the charming blogger raynotbradbury for the inspiration. Not sure if this is bittersweet or maudlin... it's not for me to say, I suppose!'THE SAD WULF'

Looking at myself
The image is clear as glass: 
I am the sad wulf. 

I'm not typical. 
A wulf is predatory?
Vicious by nature? 

I possess no bite.
Self-interest eludes me. 
It's both good and bad.

My eyes show cunning
But it's a foxy disguise. 
I'm toothless; clueless. 

I don't stir the shit. 
No devious aggression. 
Quite dull, you'll agree? 

Plans? I'm no master.
More like Wile E. Coyote: 
My schemes self-destruct.

I chew the failure 
Then curl up into a ball.
The silly, sad wulf.

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      1. Enjoy your day/ like to read a bit before sleep ;)) it’s 21:50pm here. Tomorrow is a new, beautiful day! Probably not for our Luke lol bcz he have to go back to the school haha 🙂 Take care of ur kitty 😬😛


  1. Dear Mr. Sad Wulf, Like Wyle does, he persists! My suggestion here is, unzip your ‘sad wulf’ suit, take it off and ‘exchange’ it for a Wyle E. suit, and see all of this through Wyle’s vision!

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    1. Hahaha too much fun today :)) unzip & take it off? Really, kinky???😂😂😂 oh, you meant “suit”!!! #dirtyme lol. Ok, let’s do it, Mr Wulf! Do u need the help? Because seems Kinky is very readyyyyy #fullofhelp

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