Everything means Nothing

There’s a space in the darkness.
I can open it, like a bag.
For you.
But I won’t.
Because you are the monster,
The evil by nature,
The one,
who’s using the dark in the wrong way.

There’s the life between sounds.
I can sing it, like a Malaysian frog.
For you.
But I won’t.
Because you are the cough,
Deep inside of me,
The one,
who’s pushing the fire from the Earth’s grave.

There’s a stillness in the hurricane.
I can destroy it, like a theremin.
For you.
But I wont.
Because you are the shadow,
Of the human power,
The one,
who’s scared to meet yourself with every sunrise.

There’s a hole inside of your ear.
I can jump there, in and out.
For you.
But I won’t.
Because you are the smoke
Clouding around me,
The one,
who’s pricking the breathing with fears of doubt.

There’s nothing inside of you.
I can fill it with love.
But I won’t…


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    • I hope it is, maybe bcz it’s simple. I’ve tried to write it as simple as possible. I read yesterday Murakami and he said: “we don’t need pretentious, fancy phrases to understand the world around us”.. And glad u liked it ✌️

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  1. 2modestminds….save your energy! Ray, does not seem to take compliments well! So, I think we could keep them to our selves. We can fill a balloon with the ‘compliments’ and present them to her on her birthday!!!

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    • also I don’t make compliments either… Im not the kind who is meeting you and at once =>>> oh, you look so great. how are you? your hair are amazing…gosh you look so slim in dis dressssss. — Ouch! No way! hahaha


      • hahaha… to do compliments to the mirror is kinda affirmation and THAT’S OK! to make compliments to ppl…mmm, depends on. Only if its really from the heart. U know what I mean, and I believe yours r from the heart, we r good :))


  2. Love it… but need a clarification “I can sing it, like a Malaysian frog.” How do they sing, only seen singing frogs in the cartoons but not sure they were Malaysian frogs 😆😆
    No but honestly I really liked this.

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  3. There’s a street beside you.
    I can map it, step by step, like a flickering light.
    For you.
    But I won’t.
    Because you were the hand.
    In my darkest hours.
    The one.
    That left me standing, alone in nothingness.

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