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The song, the book, the balloon

Everything has started with the song.
When I’m going out for a walk with my dogs I’m usually singing the song to them. Mostly-a bunch of names (kinda weird, but easy to remember) mixed with the absolutely crazy things in the dog-world …like “drinking beer” and some silly questions “where have you been?” (hello,girla, they are right here!!!!).


Everything has started with the book.
It’s a non-fiction book, probably for the smart arseholes (what do I know about it? eh ). One day I’ve opened the book to put it on the table (I’m usually tend to open the books I’m planning to read or would like one day to read, or maybe will never read. haha I like the touch of the ‘open books’ around me. It gives me the feeling of ‘fk, you are really smart, Victoria..reading kinda a lot” Ouch! #dontjudgeme ) and I saw the name of the chapter: “How to find all the holes in the universe?” 

The image of the planet in the chapter was donut-shaped, and because my heroes are not REAL PEOPLE, NOT HUMANS, NOT GROWN UPS, NOT KIDS, NOT ANIMALS …- I’ve decided they’ll live on the donut. It’s very yummy also hahaha. It actually called a toroid planet.

The planets are always round. Any planet we know. Yeah, yeah…because of the gravity, I know. But it’s also that’s why people have a hope -> the world is created by some unknown force, power, or will. It looks like a creation. Right? It can not be absolutely organized chaos.

Torus-worlds (donuts) are unlikely to exist naturally. But if they did (or maybe they does?), they would make awesome places for an adventure:

Very large surface area.
Regions with very different climate.
ifferent seasons, different gravity and ecosystems.
Awesome skies on the interior surface.
Dramatic weather.
Moons in strange orbits.
And much more...

Everything has started with the balloon.
My mum is using the balloons for exercising. Small ones. Usual balloons we are using for celebrations. Yep, ballon-minded and balloon-shaped heroes hahahah.


 So I’ve got the idea to combine:

The Song ( pick up the names, character)
The Chapter of The Book (shapes of planets, creation of universe etc)
The Balloons (the world, appearance etc)

What do you think about it? Haha 🙂 


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