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Are you tired today? Of course you are. Just like me. And all 7,485,784,512 of us. 

My question is simple – WHY? Why are you tired when you are planning your work? Why are you tired while working? Why are you still tired when you are not working at all? And why the rock of any problem is – ‘I am TIRED’? When our generation became so weak, weary, exhausted and stressed?


Remind me when was the last time when you felt really refreshed and ready to change the world… (weekend-time-on-the-sofa-starring-at-tv doesnt counts!)

Let me bring the book we all know, but very sceptical about…The Bible. Random opening (just kidding). Reading verse for you: “Never tired of doing what is right” 2 Thessalonians 3:13… Very clear message. So what if everything you are doing is simply wrong?

What does the word ‘tired’ means?

Tired =
-without enthusiasm,
-without interest to life/live,
-without the spark,
-indifferent, uncaring,
-powerless etc 

I can’t believe we ARE all that!

Oh no, now you’ll start with the ‘usual’:

I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, GGGGIIIIIRL, BUT I AM TIRED BECAUSE I have insomnia, difficulty remembering, concentrating, memory loss (95%), confusion (especially at the pub – what to order), headaches (aaaaa, the wrong order!), tension of migraine, sensitivity of odours, noise, bright light, dark light (am I still at the office? why oh why?), medications (give me anything to stop the pain), certain foods (=aka everything), cold or hot weather, numbness in the face, arms, nose, hands, legs, feet, anus ( I don’t feel it, can you help?), skin sensitivity (fkn red 387 days in the year), muscle aches (exercising? always, but only while at the pub), eye irritations, problems with the vision (no sofa tomorrow, tomorrow is the new day) and just simply tiredness because have to wake up or go to sleep or whatever day brings…I’m just fkn tired. Should I continue? 


I understand the struggle. But again – the question ‘why’ is still unanswered…

Here’s the idea: Your body is trying to defend ‘you’ against ‘yourself’. Your body is seeing you like the enemy, a virus or bacteria. Thats why you are tired. Tiredness is living in your brain (or the rest of it) or in your imagination. Your brain (the wrong wishes, desires, illusions) drains out the energy from your body. 

You think you are on your sofa, kinda restoring the energy, but the truth is – all the energy is already fully spent (read: gone!) to fight the tiredness of the brain instead of ‘re-charging of the batteries” (don’t you think it is strange that we are MORE tired after re-charging day? lol)

Your tiredness is the result of the fight inside of you.

Waiting for the solution?
Hm, there’s no clear solution.

I’d say so: “Give it to God and go to sleep.” Haha. Try it. 

The body was made to enjoy ‘the rest’. You are harming your body by not getting enough breaks or by getting enough but the wrong ones. If the questions like “why am I so lazy, why do I feel fatigued after a meal, why do I feel tired and drowsy throughout the day?” are popping up in your head time to time – the problem is in YOU.  You have been abusing your own body. Probably for toooo long. 

So, please, – stop! Stop belong to the generation of TIRED. At least today. It’s only Tuesday 🙂

Image: Manuel Lao 


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Yes test is important… But how much?
    I always say these lines to myself, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”
    😁😁 not Luke anymore…

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  2. Good insight. 🙂
    I’m hearing the phrase “burned out” from a few friends these days — it’s good to consider this in terms of things being out of balance.
    “Your tiredness is the result of the fight inside you”… may I borrow that quote to use with others? 😀

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  3. I always liked sleep, but avoided it as much as possible, in the night anyway, as I thought there were better things to do; although that often meant sleeping in more in the morning!
    Only in middle-age have I really got to appreciate it though; maybe because I need it more!?
    If I remember back to my youth I think I can remember joy in not having to get up when you first awake, and going back to sleep. I think that was the best feeling then, or getting home after a late night when really tired.
    In the last decade I have found the joy of the afternoon nap, and the return to sleep after awakening too early. The nap is most joyous when it takes control of you, taking you on a journey of sleep unplanned and unprepared. A short journey in real time that seems to last a lifetime of space.
    While that space is time space, an empty void, the return to sleep after awakening too early, sometimes taking an hour or two of some kind of meditation I didn’t have patience for until the last few years, often starts with what looks like space travel, the mind travelling through what look to it like stars or comets.
    Then a few months ago I saw a book about yogas’ sleep and dreams recommended by someone who liked one of my blog posts. I haven’t read it yet!
    Moreover, I’ve learnt more about the brain, and how it is never fully asleep, and as you say in your post, it is always working to process the information it receives and recover the body for the next time of awakening…

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    • Thank you for the link! I’ll check it. Agreed about our behavior at the younger age and the middle age. Of course it’s ok time to time to hang out by the night 😂 but our body is a system which need rest. Rest = slowing down. Mind and body – connected. Tired body = tired mind and vice versa. Without proper rest our whole system can’t catch up to all the repairs the body needs, that’s why often it breaking down. So, let’s not forget to nap 😴 or meditate or just slow down our thoughts for a minute! 🌙💨😀

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  4. On point! I notice being tired when I am placing my energy in the wrong places, when my habits are not in line with my priorities. I also need to sleep more! I went to bed early last night so I am headed in the right direction 😁😆. Forming good habits eventually changes or chemistry, it just takes persistence of course. (That is the tricky part) A lot of us give up before we develop momentum.

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  5. Hahahaha! I’m tired of being tired and yet it doesn’t get tired of me😭
    Your post was interesting, funny and deeply thought provoking.
    Reminded me of my childhood days, why was I so energetic even when I had to leave for school at 7 am? Because by the time the clock hit 10 at night, I used to be dreaming of stars and fairies. Wonder how long has it been since I’ve slept that early.
    But you’re so right, I’d be crazy tired and my mind still would want to delay sleeping. Phew, that first gif was me in every sense!!!!
    Thank you for writing this, Ray. 😄😁 Sorta helped, not that I’ll sleep early but atleast this thought will linger in my mind long enough to push it into giving up, someday!!

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    • Hahaha what a line => ‘I’m tired of being tired and yet it doesn’t get tired of me’ :)) Deserves WordPress-Oscar 😬😂 Yes, I thought about my childhood today as well while writing the post. I can understand you, because this is what kids/teens does – they go to bed to dream. We (grown ups) r just falling on the bed when we can’t move anymore. Last 2 years I’ve changed that tho: I go to bed 21:30-22:00 to read or watch or write and then I’m usually sleeping by 23:00-23:30. Of course some days I go to bed a bit later, but it’s seldom. 7-8 hrs of sleep in my life is a must now. Waiting for you here…haha One day you’ll be with us, “sleepers” too 😬😂

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  6. I’m ok to be tired, if that happens then I say hello to bed. I’m a happy morning person and usually am same until my body tells me to fuck off to bed and then I do so.. listen to yr body peeps, it knows what it’s doing 😆

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  7. Found the secret passage to the comment box! Another really great topic on something we are seeing in young children even? Is the answer maybe we don’t value sleep? We are addicted to activity for it’s own sake – the more the better? Life before TV (I’m old, well older) was pretty boring by today’s standards. If you were tired in the old days it was because you were working hard. That was almost the only reason unless you were physically ill.

    So, what is the answer? Do people really want to give up what is making them tired? Meditation? That’s a hard sell. You should explore this some more with a follow up post???? Great post and Great topics!!!

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  8. I am older and I have been tired most of my life – mentally tired. Just know that I am one of those type of people that cannot turn off my head. It is constantly filled with thoughts, ideas and projects. I also know this is all of my own doing! I appreciate my times in the gardens weeding because it is my form of meditation. I don’t have to think about which is a weed and which is a plant, I just get to yank away. In the mean time my mind is free to wander where ever it feel like going. I write, I craft, I garden, I recycle/reuse all the things that I can and I/we manage a small natural gardening farm – – -never a dull moment around here LOL!!

    I do not believe that any one generation has the individual claim to tiredness. Also, I, as so many people before me have said: I will rest when I’m dead. But in the mean time I have too much I want to do.

    PS: I am never against a 15 minute nap now and then 🙂

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    • I don’t believe in – “I will rest when I’m dead” 🙂 it’s cool saying, but I don’t want to spend my life totally messed up and tired af! :)) I believe you can do anything if you’ll plan it and take it step by step 👋

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      • I would love to solve that mystery too, but as I get older things (out of my control) have gotten tougher. I keep moving, but nothing like I used to. Funny, something I read the other day now has me looking into “better breathing”…it stated that a part of my problem is that I do not breathe right – could be?!? My family has always had rotten sinus issues. Good luck in your efforts – hope you share your findings!! Love reading it.

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      • Yes, breathing is important:)) and more than half of the population doesn’t breathe right.. :/ it’s a difficult question anyway, I’ll see if I get back to that theme …but if I do – I’ll mention you then lol


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