To the last drop…

Pump the blood out…
Let the fury inside of you
destroy the tenderness
of soft and glimmer skin.

Take all fluid you can,
With bitter sorry smile.
Don’t stop your ‘hunger’
On the half-way of the heartbeat.

We don’t belong together…
Yes, I know. Because
Your sphere is the only love.
And mine? The screaming kingdom.

I would invite you:
Into my heavy dreams,
My fears and desires, heartwire of
The pain. But…are you ever ready?

Pump the blood out.
You need it more than me.
Don’t stop…Please, don’t!
Take all you can. And plus the rest of it.

Mortality is lost. Oh no!
It’s burning like a fire
Each time you hold my hand.
Who are you, dear friend:

White Angel or Emotional vampire?

“Ray NotBradbury is neeeeeeext”- the voice arrived
“Me???” – i couldnt recognize my  quiet ‘squeak’.
The waiting room is brighter than the red.
Ok, let’s move inside for fkn bloody test…




Next posts only sunday evening or monday! I have guests this weekend 🙂 


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