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A new world is coming…

Do you know the name of the most hottest world/planet?

Mercury..? Beep. That was the wrong answer 🙂

Yes, I know Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but Venus is hotter. Also funny fact about Venus – it remains the same temperature no matter where you go on the planet: north pole, equator, and any time of the day – night as well. Venus is awesome, with the thick air, extreme pressure, and a day which lasts as long as 116 Earth days. But lets look further…

The hottest planet in our Solar System is Venus…but what about The Milky Way Galaxy?

Here we go. The hottest known planet EVER (discovered in The Milky Way Galaxy) called WASP-12b. Weird name lol They deserve something better. 

Just imagine -..about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 2,200 degrees Celsius (to compare – on Venus 462 degrees Celsius) and orbits its star closer than any other known world (2,1 million miles or 3,4 million kilometres). By contrast, Earth is about 93 million miles (150 million km) from the sun.

This hot planet also create a SHOCK WAVE, like a ‘shield’ to protect itself against the atmosphere-stripping side effect of circling close to the sun-star.

I’m going to create a new world, and I think this is a perfect prototype for my tale ( I actually found a planet with 3 suns around it as well. I think its very interesting to research too).
Also when I saw the picture of our hottest ever WASP-12b planet …I saw IT or HIM or HER. Or whoever it is…

Check it out. Do you see what I see? 🙂 Cool, isn’t it?


I drew it as well. If you don’t see it – check it again from the right side on the photo above. 


Yes, I know, I know…mine looks more “horrific”.



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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

31 thoughts on “A new world is coming… Leave a comment

    • Why do you feel bad? I enjoy your comments… gives me something to think about(!) (and I’ll reply to your comment ASAP).
      Am I being too kind? I suppose I’m generally positive, or just say nothing… haha I’ll see what I can do to be “Critically Buffy” in the future. 😉

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    • Yeah..critical is OK. Don’t jump to hard in it tho. I’m not sure I’m ready (not today haha). I don’t feels bad sometimes to tell what u think. Ppl seeing u as mad, weird…simply “different” personality then. About the tale: it will be a new “world”, but close to that hottest planet, between 3 suns. I just need to do more research about space 🙂 ✌️

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    • Ah well I know little beyond having once having read Arthur C Clarke’s “2010” (though that was a mere TWO suns) … but the internet will be a good teacher, I’m sure.
      I think criticism can look more ‘brutal’ than it’s meant to be in the written word, which is why some people take umbrage. Honesty’s very important, as long as people aren’t rude… which I’m sure neither of us would ever be. 🙂

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    • 1. Yeah, there’s a planet with 3 suns. I need it bcz I want to have day (allllll the time 😂) & the tale isn’t for grown ups haha 😂 or maybe :/ 2. yeah, it can feels different also when we r writing what we think & when we r telling that (in real life).

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    • 1. Ah… the ‘world of the midnight sun’ sounds pretty interesting!
      2. Haha there’s a reason why I normally don’t make socio-political points online… it’s much easier to have a potentially difficult discussion when it’s talking face-to-face. 😉

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    • The World of Midnight Sun – sounds cool, but remind me about you. It’s absolutely in your style haha By the way, do you come up with a title first …or with the story? I’m usually writing first the story/post/whatever it is – > then trying to find the name.

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    • Haha, maybe… it does sound like a good metaphor!
      Ah, that’s interesting… more often than not I have a title first: it will pop into my head, and the rest goes from there. Unless it’s a personal piece like today’s, in which I struggle for a title! 😉
      Haha you might say I’m largely superficial. 😉 I prefer the way your mind works. 😀

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    • No, don’t think you r superficial. I think it should be so – you know your title, theme…& u r writing. About my mind: there’s not much there, very close to the zero. I’m prying to put some pieces together & then find a name

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    • Thankyou. 🙂 Haha well it’s nice to start a blogging day and not knowing what I’m going to write, then just doing it… only 2 or 3 times I’ve ‘planned’ a piece the day before.

      Haha… oh, I think there’s more depth to you than you might realise: probably, though, a lot of your writing takes place on a mostly instinctive level? No bad thing at all! 😉

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    • Instinctive…u mean kinda like ‘unconscious/irrational’? Yeah no doubt in it. I never know what I’ll write, how or for whom. And even when the text already written – Im still not sure what I wrote and does it make any sense or no. But I’m posting anyway. Have to post something lol. / But do you have ideas…I mean u probably don’t know what u r going to write, but u have some u start from there? Or?

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    • Haha, when I write poetry I’m mostly not sure if it makes sense! Your posts make me think… which my brain needs more of, I think!
      Well I often take inspiration from either what someone says to me offline, or from another blogpost… of if I’m stuck, I go to a storytelling website and click on the “Random First Line” generator… seriously. 🙂

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    • We r probably both doesnt make any sense with our poetry lol I just read a post of one dude here. Post called “How I wrote” he’s describing how he wrote his poem – step by step…

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    • Ouch u r lazy haha ok…I usually don’t have any ideas. But some “line” or “sentence” or “image” can pop up in my head. I’m usually writing it down (almost at once). Then when I need to write a post – I get back to it & trying to put all pieces together. Sometimes I’m lazy as well and simply writing something popular lol (like mindfulness)

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    • I’ve bookmarked that Captain’s Speech page. 🙂
      Haha nothing wrong with being lazy… I’ve been told by very clever people that “idleness is an art”. 😉
      Ah, I think we both have a good way of writing… or ‘composing’ might be a better word. 🙂


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