Life is not just about the good things or not just about the bad things. It is both.

You are an unfinished work in progress. One of the good things about life’s challenges: you get to find out that you’re capable of being far more than you ever thought possible. Karen Salmonson

This might not be the post you’re expecting today…but hey, let me break your expectations. No poems, haha 🙂

I am bad at:

Orientation. Have to start from the beginning. Geography wasn’t my fav school-subject, because the teacher always asked to show places I never been at or to explain how to get there lol I never had a dream to be a BIG globetrotter, but I love travelling now. I’m very bad at reading maps (any), and sometimes when people are asking to show/explain the road.. I feel a little bit scared. I’m trying my best, but always saying at the end: “please ask someone else down the road again, because I’m not sure”. At least I’m not lying, haha. When someone is asking ‘to draw’ the road lol – I look scared too. I have problems to get out of the hotels (in and out), because it seems to me the hotels build like a labyrinths. 

Baking. No. Not my thing. Can only eat. Why God created a bakery and cafeteria? Exactly.

Gardening. Never been my fav as well. Don’t understand when people are saying: “it relaxes me” you are in the dirt the position “arse up” all the time – why is it relaxing? I think, maybe I’m so negative tho, because the garden for us, russian people, means a lot of work. We grow potatoes there. The never-ending LANDS of potatoes, onions, garlic, cucumber…tomatoes. ALL things possible. For the winter. To eat. Because its cheaper. Yeah, we don’t do it because we wanna eat organic. We don’t think organic there. We don’t care about organic haha We have to survive and then travel the world and buy furniture to the apartments and new jackets. Eh, life..:) If seriously, I worked too much on the fields of potatoes, beet roots, linen, canker-rose etc. Yeah, like in the movies about slavery. Under the hooooot sun. But you don’t do that because you are slave, but because this is how you’ll survive in the winter…or the work sends you to help – to neighborhood around the city. You can’t say no. ‘No’ means – you are fired lol
I just think it was fkn ENOUGH for me. If you never done it, let me send you to a russian village for a month of work :))

Fashion. I don’t know much about it. Or about make up. First make up – 16yo. By make up I mean lipstick lol I don’t use any foundation on daily basis now as well. Maybe 1 time in 6 month, thats all. But I can cook my own masks haha I like expensive organic oils, bath salt, creams. I spend huge amount of money on creams and oils. And I go to the spa min 2-4 times a month. It relaxes me: massage, scrub, face mask.

Remembering lyrics. Never. Thats the right word. I can listen song a hundreds times. I rarely remember lyrics. Why? I simply don’t care to remember it…I love the sound or I don’t like the sound. Words in the music are secondary thing for me.

It feels kinda a bit therapeutic to say that all out loud… haha
…you might have a list of things you are bad at too. Feel free to post: we’re all in this together. 

I am good at:

ReadingI can read very quickly when I need it. Vertical. But I understand 85% of information.
I’m reading from very early age, I think 4yo. In the first grade I could read 220 words in 1 minute (loud reading of the text) and understand 85-90% of information. Just for example: norms are 50-70 words in 1 min – in 1 grade. For one of my exams at the university I read 100 books in 1 week. Each book from 350 to 650 pages.

Eating. Chocolate and cakes. And cookies. And – Absolutely Everything. And A Lot. I don’t like hamburgers tho (but I can eat it if necessary), because my first ever hamburger I’ve tried when I was 28yo. When I was a child/teen – there was never such thing like ‘outing’ for me. My mum always cooked at home. Same with cola, btw.. Haha. I’ve tried it when I was 27-28 yo. I was very slim as a kid and ate only pasta with a ketchup. Actually, anything with a ketchup. Plus sugar/or sweets. I didn’t get much sweets tho 🙂 Only on weekends. I never ate soups, onions, greens/veggies, meat, fish (hated fish, honestly)…etc. too long list to write. But NOW I CAN EAT ANYTHING and ANYONE! Hahaha 

8:30 = 9:00 (on the next day? no, just kidding).  I tend to be late all the time. Even at work. Girls… Yeah.

Making jokes (making up stories) with a completely straight face so people think I’m serious (or it’s true). For example I told to a guy once I was a nun. Yes, real one hahaha. And even created a story, how we all poor nuns living in..cloister/monastery in Poland, drinking wine and reading Bible. Aaaaaaaaa!

Another story: I told I know Kung Fu. Thx God, nobody asked to prove it. But I kinda made some ‘shoulder-movement’. Probably it was enough haha
Also once I’ve been a doctor of sexology.. bhahaha really enjoyed it. I love to talk about the secrets of my clients “evil laugh”. 

Planning. All the letters (of the alphabet) are my friends. I mean I have a plan A, B, C, D, E..Z..Whaaaaat? Plan Z just failed? Oki, then plan W! I’m prepared for anything. Lol

Animals. Big Love. I wanted to work in the zoo even. Lol

That’s all for now 🙂 

If you’re looking for the bad things in life, then you will find it. If you search for the good things then it is what you find.  Ann Marie Aguilar


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  1. This is great. Forthcoming, I think it’s the word. I tend to tell stuff honestly too, feels goooood. Strangely, no orientation (in nature, maps I can do) and no garden work for me either, and great at eating and reading. And I swear, one time I hitched a ride with my friend and we told the guy who stopped for us that we are just returning from a martial arts training. Better safe than sorry. 😀

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  2. A picture, done for me 30 years ago by a ‘friend’ with this inscription.
    CARE more than others think practical!
    RISK more than others than others think safe!
    DREAM more than others think reasonable
    AND you will be more than others think possible!

    To this day, I do not know the author, maybe it was Her, my friend!

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    • Maybe it was her…I don’t know if I’ve heard the words before, I’m #badmemory girl lol but agreed with care & dream. Risk – depends on (id say…😛😬 but maybe bcz I’m too careful. Or at least I believe I am 😂).

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  3. I have to agree with FCH! You have the timing, and knowledge, to make folks laugh till they wet themselves!
    Then “Ray” says ‘he’s just kissin up’! Well, as a matter of fact I am. It’s not only the smiles, that you cause, it’s also the eye opening wonder of things to close to be seen!
    Thank you!

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    • Oh I almost feel like I have to hug u…thru alllll digital space between us, Kinky :)) I think, if any of you r reading and enjoying my texts or poems or comments lol – mission kinda 70% accomplished haha 😂

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  4. I was never good at giving directions or makeup and fashion also. I get lost in buildings and I never cared about spending a ton of time doing my makeup. That is funny about making up stories and people believing them 😄. Love it! I was actually thinking of posting something similar today, but about my positive qualities and negative qualities that I am currently working on. You must have read my mind! 😛

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