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Awesome bullshit for Happy Valentine!

I hope, you are prepared for this…irony + sexism + bullshit + beauty +Valentine!
The real poem vs thoughts during the writing.. from Luke 😂

Real poem:

1. “Draw me a poem, –
said the voice in my head.
Draw me some love,
neck to neck on the bed”.


Real thoughts:

(I’d like to say
just throw at me the last Playboy,
if you wanna make old soul happy.
And yes, I’m hungry.
For dat Love.
Loooong time.
Last time I slept neck to neck
in my bed with someone?
Oh, sweet memories.
It was with Winnie.
Yes, The Pooh. My fav.
He made me cry.
Whatever. Long story.
Let’s continue. )

Real poem:

2. Give me hot passion,
through the pair of eyes,
Give me a stranger –
with a pocket of smiles.

Real thoughts:

(I’d like to say cash, cash, cash!
Eh, pocket full of cash.
But if there’s nothing
in your pocket.. 
Hm, at least
I hope you’ve got a teeth
to smile.
So smile…baby, smile.)

Real poem:

3. “Draw me a girl, –
said the stranger to me.
Draw me her voice, 
singing song to the sea”.


Real thoughts:

Ohh, boy…what happened last night! Let me get a beer and I’m all yours.
That was one amazing SONG, if we can call it so! I hooked up with a local Valentine. I went down on her – just like this: ran my tongue all over her boots, played with her bikini for a while, since it was really big bikini (but not huge to the point it looked freakish), we looked at each other for a very looooong time; thats the only way Cupid would do it, right? And we had all that you are dreaming about – twice…and once in the morning. Or vice versa. First time I spent that MUCH time with a real Valentine. Oh…to be exactly – brunette, about 6″8. Busty, slim waist, brown eyes, or green, or blue. Does it matter? Natural tan, like a ‘peachy mandarin’. And southern accent. If you’ll see her, tell Luke is satisfied for the whole year ahead!)

Real poem:

4. I can’t forget
the voice of that girl. 
And the beauty-sunset, 
shining through, like a pearl.


Real thougths:

(Oki. I’ve messed up the last one.
But who cares about sunset-‘shine’?
Where’s the logic?
If the girl has an ass
that could stop traffic…
Thats all what matters.)

Real poem:

5. Let every day
be the day of the Love.
Let every heart
See the doves from above.

(Started dreaming about all I wrote, but then i got super fckn’ depressed all of a sudden…Cant write anymore. Use your fantasy. The end. Happy Valentine!) 

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15 replies

      1. Lol I thought u enjoyed too 😏😏 kinky! and thx to you both ..keep smiling today haha ✌️😄🍫and everyday (or at least as often as possible, *wink*)


  1. Oh my! Someone ‘peed’ in someone’s oatmeal this morning!
    Do have a somewhat tolerable Valentine’s day!
    As for ‘Luke’, crawl back into your ‘fantasy’ “roll in the hay”, it only gets BETTER!

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    1. sometimes we have to “pee” in oatmeal, to feel the difference..the life is ‘many diff colours’, not only your “black-white”-strategy :)) My Valentine day is kinda calm…a cake? – still waiting tho 🙂

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      1. Black and White for me, is like peering into a pool of water and being able to see the bottom. Adding color, is like stirring up the bottom of the pool, and bring about an opaque change. Maybe this……….black and white = yes or no. Color = maybe!
        Not sure it makes sense to you, but It does too me!

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