Awesome bullshit for Happy Valentine!

I hope, you are prepared for this…irony + sexism + bullshit + beauty +Valentine!
The real poem vs thoughts during the writing.. from Luke 😂

Real poem:

1. “Draw me a poem, –
said the voice in my head.
Draw me some love,
neck to neck on the bed”.


Real thoughts:

(I’d like to say
just throw at me the last Playboy,
if you wanna make old soul happy.
And yes, I’m hungry.
For dat Love.
Loooong time.
Last time I slept neck to neck
in my bed with someone?
Oh, sweet memories.
It was with Winnie.
Yes, The Pooh. My fav.
He made me cry.
Whatever. Long story.
Let’s continue. )

Real poem:

2. Give me hot passion,
through the pair of eyes,
Give me a stranger –
with a pocket of smiles.

Real thoughts:

(I’d like to say cash, cash, cash!
Eh, pocket full of cash.
But if there’s nothing
in your pocket.. 
Hm, at least
I hope you’ve got a teeth
to smile.
So smile…baby, smile.)

Real poem:

3. “Draw me a girl, –
said the stranger to me.
Draw me her voice, 
singing song to the sea”.


Real thoughts:

Ohh, boy…what happened last night! Let me get a beer and I’m all yours.
That was one amazing SONG, if we can call it so! I hooked up with a local Valentine. I went down on her – just like this: ran my tongue all over her boots, played with her bikini for a while, since it was really big bikini (but not huge to the point it looked freakish), we looked at each other for a very looooong time; thats the only way Cupid would do it, right? And we had all that you are dreaming about – twice…and once in the morning. Or vice versa. First time I spent that MUCH time with a real Valentine. Oh…to be exactly – brunette, about 6″8. Busty, slim waist, brown eyes, or green, or blue. Does it matter? Natural tan, like a ‘peachy mandarin’. And southern accent. If you’ll see her, tell Luke is satisfied for the whole year ahead!)

Real poem:

4. I can’t forget
the voice of that girl. 
And the beauty-sunset, 
shining through, like a pearl.


Real thougths:

(Oki. I’ve messed up the last one.
But who cares about sunset-‘shine’?
Where’s the logic?
If the girl has an ass
that could stop traffic…
Thats all what matters.)

Real poem:

5. Let every day
be the day of the Love.
Let every heart
See the doves from above.

(Started dreaming about all I wrote, but then i got super fckn’ depressed all of a sudden…Cant write anymore. Use your fantasy. The end. Happy Valentine!) 


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  1. Oh my! Someone ‘peed’ in someone’s oatmeal this morning!
    Do have a somewhat tolerable Valentine’s day!
    As for ‘Luke’, crawl back into your ‘fantasy’ “roll in the hay”, it only gets BETTER!

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