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There’s a voice inside of you…

When many voices are speaking at once, listen to the one most quiet and gentle. That’s the one worth listening to. Miranda Linda Weisz

What is it – ‘inner voice’? Where does the voice inside your head come from? Where to find it? How to listen?

Ok, Luke…here you are again (as always), my guinea pig..
Let’s go to our digital laboratory. Yes, its almost like a bar with ‘a go-go’ girls dancing. Just for you. You look cool by the way…nose is still there, where it’s supposed to be..


Lesson 1.

You are awake. From the time you are awake your inner voice is awake too and an important part of your daily life. Yes, that voice is well-hidden (except of some embracing moments when you are forgetting you are ain’t alone lol we all been there).
No, Luke…I don’t want to know what’s your voice telling to you 6 am in the morning. I hope it says: go back to sleep, dude, and put your hands under the pillow. Noooowww


You probably don’t know, but your inner voice is regulating how you think and behave. Actually it can shape even the way we see the world around us. Yes, inner voice is a smart one. Probably, the smartest and the best part of you 🙂
So next time don’t come to me with a story: thats not my fault, but my inner voice. I know it was YOU!


Inner voice can take almost any form: imagining things, thinking about past conversations/playing it over and over, planning things you have to do during the day, next month etc…

A bit of theory (skip it if too boring)

According to psychologist Lev Vygotsky our capacity for inner speech begins around the age of 3 as we learn to integrate the separate systems for thought and language. As kids we talk to ourselves while working with a task almost all the time. Later on the real voice becomes more private and our inner voice expands.
So inner voice is you are talking with yourself, just very silently…we cant hear it lol

Our inner monologue is tied to our ability to speak aloud. And the technique of electromyography, which measures muscle movement, shows that our throat is actually active during inner talk. And also the part of our brain responsible for the speech.

LOL People! You are REALLY talking with yourselves haha


Conclusion #1: The inner voice is you.
There are 2 streams of your inner voice: “Me” and “I”. “Me” links together what we experience across time (past/future). “I” exists only in the raw experience of right now-moment.
You should always listen the “I”, the one in the present…and never “Me” (past or future).

Lesson 2. Where to find it when you need it? and How to listen?

That’s a very difficult task. Sounds almost like you have to find you lol

My advice – make a contact. Perfect way to make a contact with your inner voice – by walking.


Yes, Luke…life doesn’t rotate around the bottle of rum and bikinis. What? You are saying, you disagree: first is rum, then all other will follow?! Niiiiice. Really? Inner voice just told you that..? What a smart voice you’ve got…thats why you are always surrounded by troubles.


Ok, for now I’m going to place your “disagreeing message” in the queue behind my door and kick your inner voice outta your ‘playboy-analyzing-day’ for a walk.

Oh..Leave with absolutely no plans. Tune into your feelings completely and allow them to tell you where to go. Don’t resist any decision, don’t wonder if it’s the right one, just enjoy every step and follow where it takes you. So if it says go left, then go left.


No Luke…thats the wrong left! Dear, I can read…and its a strip club. We said “for a walk”, not for a dancing!


Be completely present and notice what happens and where you go. You might like to set an intention for journey before you go. For example, on this unplanned trip I’d love to experience wonder or joy…

Whats is joy?

People…Luke is asking what is JOY. (no, joy isn’t the synonym to the rum). Gosh, buy the dictionary, Luke. Its cheaper.

or meet someone new..


Oh, I didn’t say – meet the trouble, Luke. Or did I?

I meant, ‘new’ – like this!


Or discover a new book, learn a new lesson etc.
And just let go, don’t question or think about it… listen, follow, and enjoy the ride.

Get used to listening to that inner voice. When it throws down that brick wall and tells you only one option, follow it, and just trust. And then watch how everything changing for you.

ATTENTION! Oh, let me tell you…never do that on Malta (especially while driving, in the car). There are no signs there, if you’ll get lost it will probably take forever to find the way out of that small place/street. lol

You can try also: stillness and breathing. Or I’d say listening of the breathing. The voice can be heard within stillness and presence. The more you practice quietening that noisy, fearful rum-bikini-loving-annoying-voice, the more you’ll hear the commanding, strong, but kind voice that guides and protects.

In case of making of very important decision.. DO NOT AGONISE. Push it to the side (dont wait forever tho, life isn’t that long). But sometimes our inner voice just needs a little more time to understand the facts and put it together for you.

Conclusion #2. Its OK if you don’t know. Sometimes its ok if you do not know all the answers at once. Be still – listen your voice.

You can find the answers to the most complicated questions of life from your deepest self. Pay attention and listen.

It sounds like I’m a bit crazy right?
You are much crazier, Luke. Hahaha

Lesson 3.

The truth is I’m not waiting for the voice in my head to speak. The true voice speaks through your whole body. It feels in your whole body (thats why we are saying, – in my gut). With such strength and conviction – it can’t be ignored. It’s like suddenly whole your body speaks the message => Yes. Do this. Go here. Talk. 

So… the voice in your head has a life of its own. Thats ok. Because it is still you. Understand that. Accept it. The voice in your head never means you any harm. It may be the source of self-criticism and unkind comments, but that was never its intent. It originally developed to help us feel emotionally safe and happy. Its just trying to protect us.

Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Conclusion #3. What do you want, Luke? Rum…bikinis …or something else there, on the list?


I’ll leave you with that. Until next time.

See you on Tuesday! 


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  1. Read it a couple of times, but I’m not trusting my inner voice enough at my current state of mind. Or voices in plural (Houston we have a problem).
    Can’t decide which one is right… Will get back to you.

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