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“The Gates of Immortality”

Imagine you are a professor and you’ve created a pill – let’s call it ‘the secret of immortality’. Would you like to use this pill yourself and live forever? Why? Would you open your secret to the humanity? What’s the role of the science in this particular case? Evil or not? Immortality is ‘never-ending time’…What would you do with your live if you accomplish everything?

There’s a book/a satirical play you’ll never read (english version doesn’t exist). Written by Kondrat Krapiva and called “The Gates of Immortality” (from 1970-73). The book telling a story about a professor-gerontologist who has discovered the secret of immortality…and about people around him, who (when they found out about it) came to him in hope of the benefiting from his discovery.


The book raising a number of moral questions, related to the mortality and the purpose of human life.
As you understand it’s impossible to make all people in the world immortal. How to choose who will become immortal and who will die? What kind of decision is the right decision?
How much costs immortality? Some offers to start a business and sell it for billions of dollars abroad.
Scary fact: everybody wants to be immortal. What to do? The laboratory introduces strict limits: the applicants must have not only good health, but also “pure conscience”. How to check that? Haha..any ideas? :))


Next picture for you: There’s a queue on the square close to professor’s laboratory. Everybody wants to buy a pill. Some people are starting a trade of the urine there: people who’ve got a bad urine are trying to buy a ‘healthy’ one…as it turned out later, – it was from the horse. LOL

A small sign of immortality divides parents and children, husbands and wives, friends and loved ones. “The greatest discovery ever” brings a lot of hurt and insult.

Lets jump closer to the end => there’s a scientific meeting about the matter. Reason? Too much chaos outside. It turns out that not every scientific “discovery” brings benefits to the humanity.
Should we allow “evil” to be immortal..when there’s already too much “evil” on our planet?
Or better as it is?.. or simply justify the death as a necessary condition on the Earth, some kind of ‘eternal renewal’?

The discussion becomes a quarrel…ouch!


..and suddenly one of the co-researches brought a dead rat and made a confession about “replacement”. She said she replaced those dead with alive.

Of course she told to the professor that real rat lives! She just wanted to save his arse from the annoying people and give him the opportunity to continue his experiments in the calm state of mind.

People need the time to think what to do with the immortality in case if it will become possible. Maybe the most important questions are: how to live your life while you are mortal? and what kind of memories you’ll leave behind?

These questions confronts readers on each page. The author hopes that one day people will be able to find the answer.

The end.


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  1. Oh heck no. If I would be immortal, I would be doing nothing at useful. At least now I got a maybe 60-70 years to do something of myself and that’s a good boost to actually do something. But I like the premise of the book…

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  2. When considering whether or not to pursue immortality, I usually get stuck imagining some obscure, and unexpected cost (I’m in Romania, so being turned into a vampire is the first thing that comes to mind.)

    I understand the premise of this book doesn’t necessarily imply any direct costs (needing to drink blood, giving up the day job), but these are things that usually stop my daydreams about living forever…

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    • I understand haha don’t see “blood drinking” as a fun either :)) and yes, I know you are in Romania, I read your blog. I don’t know if I ever dreamed about being immortal…what I’d do alone? Ouch! No, thx…don’t wanna die either maybe when I’m 100 & 5 lol 😂 but not ready with my life yet haha

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    • I guess its true what they say then… “I’ve got no issues with death, it’s the dying part that gets me every time.”

      And thanks again for following me too! I love to throw out the fact that I’m in Romania as often as I can because its still so weird to be here, and before I know it, I’ll be back in Paris or Colorado (someplace really exotic;) )

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  3. Sounds philosophically fascinating. Wish it was translated into English. 😀 I like the idea the author asks us to even consider the moral and political values of our own scientific and philosophical endeavours for truth, how they will affect society and ultimately which should be more valuable? A good life or the truth?

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