The love is shaped like you

Quick ‘shot’, totally in my style. No rhymes, no rhythms. Haha
Inspired by crazy morning-timeline of wordpress. Im outta, ppl! No more. Was enough “depressed or non-depressed valentines” for today. 

Everybody’s crying
about love, 
about lost, infinite valentines.
Everybody want to be
the one,
to find the one,
become the one,
to be shaped in form of the one.
To be a slave.

Everybody’s screaming
how they are sad –
the love is gone.
The love is gone forever.
Everybody’s wearing
a fake heavy smiles on outside.
Keeping behind closed curtains
Big Hollow space of broken heart.

Empty souls
searching the heartless crowds:
“Are you there? I am waiting”.
And finding zero.
Buried inside of hello’s
and goodbye’s. 
Chewing the pain with the tears.
Trying to find the reason,
to move forward – to the truth…
but can’t, 
at last, for themselves
explain the illusion of “why”.

Because even the endless ocean
has it’s end, dear.
Because you are believer in “maybe”. 
Let me find it for you
in the country of “Never”.

Everybody’s praising the love.

But not me.
Sitting in my chair.
Understanding “nothing”.

Didn’t get it? go to my page and re-read it: RayNotBradbury

Oh, and did I say I love you today? Yes.. I do :)) 



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  1. So true. I’m a person who is crazy about love and all those things but even I can feel that something is totally off about love these days with even 12 year olds going crazy over it and “V-Day” celebrations.
    Your work is so powerful and expressive, looking forward to read more😄 and yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day in advance (wink, wink😂😂)

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  2. yes, it’s that time again. This will be my 18th vday with the same person so it tends not to be a big deal. People think awwww valentines day but when you have a “love” after a certain period, you realize how silly it is having one set day to celebrate your love. What do you do the rest of the year? haha. When people ask, “what are you doing for valentines day?”, we just give each other “that look” and tell them “every day is valentines day” LOL. I do wish I could find a card with that picture of the cupid you have posted…LOL…hubby would get a kick out of that.

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    • Exactly my point. Soooooo agree with you. Picture is from Flickr I think…but there’re a lot on Pinterest also. Yes…this weekend gonna be crazy ‘flood’ of valentine-messages on inet/media :)) and next day they forgetting about love*

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  3. Just a little follow on…………..Last night being ‘Friday’ nite a lot of folks celebrate the end of the week, the weekend ahead, or maybe they are in line to get laid!
    Then, we see cupid, victim of his/her own ‘boomerang’ arrow! 😦 “Holy sheep shit” as Cheech of( Cheech and Chong) would say.
    Am I complaining? Yes and no, maybe, because I am sitting in Atlanta, GA (USA) and wanting to e in a ‘nordic’ country so bad! ‘If’, (longest word in my dictionary) the truth were known, its my craving Swedish/Danish pastry and butter cookies! I’ve said it , I won’t apologize, I am a ‘cookie monster’! Great weekend everyone!

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    • 1. Hey. It’s Saturday. Cupid did all he could for you yesterday, folks (who r in the line to get laid) 2. Atlanta sounds like a cold place…or? Anyway, here’s -30C (in north Sweden), -10,15 C (in the middle), -5 (in South). You are welcome to a Nordic country! Haha 3. Swedish pastry? I’m RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT HAHA(having late lunch) 😂👋😛 #timetoenvy 💀😉🥑

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      • Atlanta is a COLD place to me! I am not speaking of temperature. I feel as though if you keep your head in the ‘sand’ you are fine here. The folks, I have had to work with and socialize with are comfortable in the ‘box’ so to speak! People from California can’t find the ‘box’ ,according to most here in Georgia! So it’s bite your tongue, or buy into their way of ?thinking?.
        Why did you get me started on this “RAY”?
        Thank you for all you do, and try to have a good Valentine’s day! Poor Cupid, got it right in his back by ‘commercialism!

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      • Ok, I’ve got it..what do you mean. You have to find the place where you’ll feel comfortable and happy. And if its Cali – then go for it :)) its nice place by the way, I been there on vacation (solo-trip).. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and Valentine is the last thing I think about haha…but I ate 2 pieces of cake today :)) Sad thing but true..Love is too commercial in XXI :/