Nothing falls to the earth and dies

…like the river flows
flows the happiness
through my hands
every day.

Every day we make,
Makes the Earth less alive,
Breaking down.
Are we evil? Tell me.

Are we evil, people?
Evil is the wound. 
An acne. The pain. 
You can’t scrub it away. 

You cant scrub it away.
Away of everything,
Or over and over. You’ll be
Hunted in the darkness, – falling.

Hunted in the darkness
Between paralyzed dreams
And overwhelmed wishes.
Staring at the reflection, – feeding.

Staring at the reflection
Of promises, that once
were yours. And the wings
Spining slowly, losing everything,
even…the air. Pleading. 

I wish I could hear
Like the river flows
Every day.

Every day
through my hands
flows the happiness.


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