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Does the aura smells? And why some people smells like onions?

“I’ve got 10,000,356 problems. And no, you aren’t one of them. Not today. Not yet. Or maybe”. Lets talk about it tho…

What’s kind of the problem? With people. Real people I meet in real life. And I know it only in the moment when I meet them. Because they smells like very old rotten onions. It is not an odour (not usual), and no, they haven’t eaten any onions or garlic. But they still smells like onions to me and I cant stand it. Should I say sorry? Ok, sorry. Because it isn’t their fault.

The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh. Lucian Freud

Today I’m going to talk about an aura, described often as a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like the HALO or AUREOLA. In religious art such aura often means a person have some kind of power or holiness.

Does it mean people who smells like onions are ‘holly”? Lol

In general all living things manifest such an aura. Its some kind of energy you represent in this world. Negative or Positive…or Neutral. Or both? 

Some skeptics (like Robert Todd Carroll) think that people may perceive auras because of effects within the brain: epilepsy, migranes, or the influence of the psychedelic drugs ( I don’t have any migranes, epilepsy and never seen drugs in my life. Ok, in movies only. Im healthy freak haha. But, gosh…what if something is wrong with my brain???!!!! Aaaaaaa – “running to Robert Todd Carroll” for the advice, hold on here..)…

1 sec only...
1 sec only…
But Im kinda belong to those skeptics as well, even if in the same time I know – I do feel smell tho, and I find it disturbing. Disturbing to be around those people.

Probably we all experience seeing/feeling of varied auras and don’t know about it. For some people, the aura is emotional: a sudden feeling of anxiety, tension or fear (around that person). For others, it takes the form of a specific sensation that only they can feel: cooling or warming, a particular taste or a sound.
In some cases the aura appears as a particular odour, often unpleasant (for example like burning rubber). And this is exactly my case hahaha DO NOT COME TOOOOO CLOSE TO ME, I CAN SMELL YOUR AURA! Yay!

The aura can be also a feeling of deja vu – where people or places appear strangely familiar; or it’s opposite, jamais vu (“never seen”) – where people or situations that should be familiar, appear very strange.

Difficult to say why, or how…but it’s happening. We can feel, see the energy of the people we meet. All you have to do is just listen.

Lets get back to onions. Lol

I do love “Cipollino”!!! You?????? NOOOOOO, IF YOU DON’T LOVE CIPOLLINO WE CANT BE FRIENDS! Haha 

Cipollino or “Little Onion” is a fictional hero from Gianni Rodari’s tale “Adventures of Cipollino”. I soooo much loved it when I was a little girl. He was my Hero! (I wanted marry Cipollino when I was 6yo lol) And now what, my sweet Cipollino? I grew up and I can’t stand people who smells like you…aaaaaaaaaa! 

Eh, in case you never read it – google it lol
or watch russian cartoon with english subtitles here later 

And hey, I hope you doesnt smells like onion! (#checkyouraura) but IF YOU DOES, remember, I LOVE ❤️ ONIONS…in my 🥗 salad! So you are always welcome!



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  1. Hmmm interesting. I think I’m lucky, most people like me enough to talk to me again 😆 but considering the amount of coffee I drink I think my aura is just confused and gives out coffee wake up vibes 😆😆😂

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  2. Interesting post! I never knew that about smells and aura. That is pretty cool. I always get that from my Mom and never thought about it 😄. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say its her aura. I get more of the emotional part of it usually. I hope to be able to see auras one day.

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    • yes..sometimes when I meet people I feel it: it is just the air around them, not odour really (they surely smells nice, but to someone else, haha). I think that smell is the way i see negative aura (but the strange thing, people are often VERY NICE…but I’ve also noticed they are looking at me longer or kinda the way we are looking at the ‘peach’ when we are hungry. lol So i prefer to stay away from them, as far as i can). Once I’ve had that kind of situation with the woman who should massage my body at the spa. Hahaha, weird.
      Yes, aura is not only Halo of colours. Honestly, I didn’t know we can smell auras, but I’m getting this disturbing smell of onions around me time to time (when meeting new ppl), so I’ve decided to write a post “why people smells like onions?” and then…I saw (on the internet, in some forums) -it’s possible to SMELL the aura! lol So this is what I can do. Now I am sure :)) bcz it similar smell allllllll the time, doesnt matter the person/gender/age.. Smell-sign :)))
      Cant say about your mum, you know/feel the situation better. Some people can be negative for us, but positive for others..

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