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Poetry is a story. 

Why do people write poetry? (a bit of theory first…you can skip it lol)

The most usual answer: it’s an act of self-expression. Poetry is emotional, creative and free-floating.

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

There’re more reasons:
-writing poetry for themself: maybe because you feel sad, or angry or happy.
-writing poetry for someone in particular. Often love-poems, break up-poems.
-writing to share something with the world/your experiences, poems about human condition, life, love, death etc.
-writing to convince: means you have a view about the world – how it is, how it should be.
-writing because you want to be a poet or you think you are a poet.

“Sometimes I sit alone under the stars and think of the galaxies inside my heart and truly wonder if anyone will ever want to make sense of all that I am. Christopher Poindexter

I don’t know why I’m writing poetry. There’s no particular reason. Probably because it is short (takes not so long time: a poem has to be condensed, without straying from the main theme), its meaningful, and I believe a poetry is a part of being. The purpose of writing a poetry is embedded in the act of living itself. My first poem written at the age 6 (I sent it to the newspaper by the way and they printed it 😂 + I’ve got an answer/letter from editor). 

Why is prose writing considered to be easier than poetry? 

Poetry requires a mastery of language, an economy of language, and imagination. Poetry have to be lyrical, metaphorical, and significant. Poetry always have a rhythm, even if it doesn’t have rhyme.

I personally think it is easier to write a prose, but a poem is shorter tho haha

How to write a good poetry? 

Who knows? Only TIME will tell 🙂 “wink”

Different people will read the same poem but feel different emotions. It’s absolutely normal. Because a poetry is always a result of personality (a poet) and the way he perceives reality.

Now the way I see it (no more theory, haha): 

I think a good poetry is = a good IMAGE/PICTURE. I know a lot of people think that a poem is expression of the feelings only, but they are wrong. You can’t touch the heart if the heart doesn’t see anything behind your words. Literally. (I can’t feel what I can’t imagine/never experienced/etc.) 

I think a good poetry is like a HOUSE, properly built. Would you like your house to fall? How your house looks like? Does it look like a Gaudies buildings in Barcelona or Lois Sullivans modern skyscrapers? I’m talking about melody/rhythm here…and again – the IMAGE. When I’m reading a poem – images popping up in my head.

No images = no feelings = poem is wasted

When I’ve worked as a teacher (in the high school), I always asked my students/pupils, after reading of a poem, => DRAW for me WHAT YOU SEE THERE.
If you see nothing -> you probably didn’t read it well or it is badly written.



A story can not be created only on emotions. So while I’m reading your poem…what do you do? You, a poet, are taking my hand and pulling me inside of your dream/vision. And if you can create IT and I can SEE IT – that means I can feel what you feel (or at least something). 

Lets take a look at my post yesterday:

  1. I’m usually writing ideas, words, sentences (anything what I think deserves to be written) in my Remembary “diary”. It’s an app.
  2. I was drinking tea…and the phrase “It was the tea..warm and bloomy ‘staccato of spring’ in my cup” showed up in my head. Just like this. I decided it was funny and I wrote it down in my Remembary (I’m forgetting everything quickly, so I’m used to write things down at once lol)
  3. Then next day I decided I’ll write a poem about tea, because it will be quickly and “something” to post.  Haha. The idea – a poem about the tea.
  4. Structure… First sentence was very short, the second was very long. It was all I’ve got.. so far. So I decided to “BUILD’ my poem by mixing of very short and very long sentences.
  5. You see it on the picture.
  6. After a while one more phrase popped up in my head: “All you love ..only those goddamn leaves in old pot.” But ops!The start of a poem was very positive, so I couldn’t find a place for that “piece”. So I decided it will be 2 heroes: female and male. And I’ll describe their views/feeling about tea-drinking.
  7. At the very end I was kinda lazy so I’ve messed up a bit, but still liked it, so I left it as it is. 
  8. Now about the images: she loves tea …what you can draw here? -> the spring, the trees, people working on fields, the river, fireplace and a chair with a book and a blanket. Her tea = warm/happy feeling. He doesn’t like tea…what you can draw here? He’s seeing tea like a water with a weird taste. Smells like crap, colour of piss/dirty yellow, hot as hell/scary motel, impossible to drink/red tongue. Lol

Of course I can’t tell you – you have to see THIS and THAT, because you, and only you who is doing connections! You, who is drawing images in your head…

One more detail, often a poetry (mine as well) is a conversation: between “images/heroes” and between me & “reader”. 

About the name: 

The name of a poem has nothing to do with the tea…and even with a poem. HAHA. I simply saw those words somewhere and I liked it. That’s all.

P.S. A week ago or so, I read a poem on wordpress called “Chicken Noodle Soup”…but it was nothing about chicken or noodles or a soup there. And when I’ve asked a person who wrote it – where’s a soup? 🙂 she told me its just her thoughts while she is eating a soup.


Here’s the link to Tea-poem (if you’ve missed it yesterday 😬): click

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world and exiles me from it.”  Ursula K. Le Guin


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    • Thx, yes..ppl often see it only like emotional flow/flood. Because even poets define poetry like “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”. It is so…But we should remember that poetry is the literature in meter form, and the word itself means “I create”. Poetry is like a mix of architecture & painting 🙂 => 1. having a form (formed by planning/designing/constructing) & 2. illustrating the beauty of your thoughts/feelings


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