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5 steps to avoid Negative Karma

Hey, Luke! Here you are again… 

I see a very VISIBLE, HUGE changes: seems your nose is still growing…

What? You think it is positive…Okay. Why?
Because that means you are curious. Aha.
I’ve heard Karma is running after you, just waiting for a right moment to stub you, in your hm…curious nose, a little bit harder as before lol!

Today I’ve prepared a test for you. Very easy one. Choose between these 2 girls:




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Beeeeep! I knew it!

Karma comes in 2 flavours: Positive and Negative (photo 1- negative Karma, photo 2-positive Karma). In the case of Negative karma, you become the victim and all your past shit coming back at you. In the case of Positive karma, you become the recipient of many years of goodness. Today you’ll learn how to avoid Negative Karma, because Positive doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Step One. Understand what Anger is and meet Patience.

What cause most of the problems? Anger.
But let me tell you – anger is N-O-T-H-I-N-G. It’s some kind of response to discomfort or fear. When things aren’t going the way you want – your brain starts sending out signals of fear. The only responses we learn to these fears is to shout it out or show it through physical repulse.

“One’s anger is one’s only enemy”

No matter who you think your enemies are and how they bother you, it’s ultimately the anger that you feel inside which does the most damage to you. So there’s only One Enemy -> it’s you = your anger = your fear. 

Someone said: “anger is the weak man’s imitation of strength”. Think about it, Luke. Are you a weak man? Who decides: your nose, your d@@k, or you?

Look here => 


This is exactly how you look when you get frustrated, when you begin to lose your patience. Can you resolve anything with such kind of face? lol 

Calm the body and you’ll calm your mind.
Calm your mind and you’ll calm your body.
Listen how your body reacts when you are getting angry (at the very beginning).
Meet your Patience. Imagine how your Patience looks like… talk to your Patience. 
Keep a journal and explore your feelings in it. Take out any negative emotions on paper, not on people. Run to that fkn journal and write down how you’d destroy that mfka …haha

Check my nice journal for 2017 lol You ain’t alone, dude. Hold on! Hahaha


Step Two.  “I wasn’t myself because of the stress, that’s why this happened to me”.

Connection and Focus.

Each step lead to the next step, and so on. All is connected. Make the connection with a person who makes you angry. Or more simple – put yourself in their shoes. Imagine, Luke, that you are an actor…play to get the OOoooscar! 🙂

When you’ll try to think like the other person does, you will get an insight into why he/she acted as he/she did. You may not agree to it, it may still be wrong, but it gives you the TIME, time to cool off and you will know/see that shouting only makes the matter worse.

It’s all only emotions.
Emotions are only signals that passes thru our body.
The signals are there because they wants you TO DO something.

So…if you are getting angry at your boss (often) – it may be a signal for you that it’s time for a new job. Instead of suppressing your brain’s request for action, you will now start to think about possible solutions to each troubling situation. 

Whaaaaat? All that bullshit makes you angry, Luke? Ok, meet your Patience! Sorry, NO..she isn’t NAKED today! And YES, she is a DOG. Calm down, and who knows – maybe things gonna change tomorrow :)) #yougetwhatyoudeserve


Step Three. Follow Your Gut. Your gut feeling is way more than just a feeling.

I know, ALOT of crap in your gut (no doubt). But I mean use your intuition to do the best you can, to make the right decisions. Even small ones. You should listen to your inner voice because it has awesome powers. (“How to find your Inner Voice? Where’s IT hiding?” – read next week)

Step Four. Review

Day sucked balls? Bad experience with Patience? Anger spilled all out in your coffee?

Review it in your head. Here and now ( I mean the same moment/day, don’t wait until tomorrow…you’ll forget it or you will be too ashamed to analyze it)
Looking backward to examine “what just fkn happened” prevents us from being in similar situation again and again and again. 

You have to *just listen*. Talk to your Intuition.
Intuition loves quiet spaces, and therefore you have to quite the everyday mind …
Take a moment and slow down. Go to the room where you can be alone.
Sit down. Close your eyes. Then see/feel/sense what arises.

Step Five. Surround yourself with what you want to have present in your Life.

Life doesn’t just HAPPEN ‘somewhere there’, it requires our participation. Look around you: does it scare you, your life? does it make you smile? does it make you run after the stranger to kiss or does it give you the shivers each time you see your neighbours outside? 
 If you think this is how ‘your day’ should look like – stay where you are.
If not – prepare to change it.

We are One with the Universe around us, both inside and out. Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state. BE yourself. BE where you want to be. BE present there. BE happy. 

Take a Selfie now. Send it to me, Luke. Ok, let me post it! Oh,! That totally sucks!


Remember always:
Whenever there is something wrong in your life, there is something wrong in you.
Because we are the mirrors. And what surrounds us mirrors us. 

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

Luke, time to learn the lessons, and time to change the history! Take a pen..we are going to re-write it! Hurrrraaaa!

PS. Some people can make us angry. Simply by ‘being’. Stay away from them. Think about them the same way as you are thinking about the old, unnecessary furniture/clothes. He/she is the table! Or a t-shirt! Put that table outside of your house, sale it, throw away t-shirt… and forget about it. If you’ll meet them again – simply imagine they are “the table”. Keep it inside of your mind during all conversation/or meeting. It often helps 🙂

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: People mistakenly believe that Karma is ONLY some kind of the Law of cause and effect. Beeeep! Wrong 🙂  Karma means ‘Action’. It comes from the Sanskrit root ‘kree’ meaning ‘to do’. To break the chains of bad karma one must ‘DO’ things without thought of an outcome (you #do good because you want to do #good, without any expectations) 

To do just to do.

To perform an action without attachment to a result. This ties in to the Meaning of Life which is ….yes, exactly – ‘TO LIVE’. 

Now go out and LIVE! And DO! Good things only, Luke :)) it’s still sunday…

I KNOW, I KNOW…very LONG post 🙂 but on Monday – only very short one ✌️😛

PS. if you don’t know who is Luke – check here


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