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About Time, Galaxy and…You.

“Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past.” T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

We all think we know what time is. But do we?
Does it matter how accurately we measure time?

Imagine that you are sitting in a big mug. There’s no light and no darkness in that mug. How would you measure time? By counting? What exactly? (one seventy-fifth of a second? or nanosecond? I’d like to hear how you would count there, haha. Until you die lol)
Our Galaxy is the same kinda mug. Our solar system is simply ‘hanging’ in nowhere, in the place with no darkness and no light. (Yes, no darkness. Because I don’t know e-x-a-c-t-l-y “WHAT” darkness is. Do you? 😏) 


And now try to imagine: that mug, in which you are sitting, doesn’t have size…you can walk around there as much as your heart desires, there’s NO end and NO beginning (and nope, no Middle as well, silly). Never-ending Mug 🙂
The Universe created the same way: with no size and no time.

P.S. So next time you gonna say “I don’t have time”…think how stupid you are. Because it’s like saying “I don’t want to”. (Lao Tzu’s words. Listen smarter dudes – & get smarter!)


I know you are going to say: what about the linear concept of the time and second law of thermodynamics, blah – blah? Boy, its fkn created because people wanna/and have to/ create a bullshit to bullshit you (why? some have nothing better to do with their lives, some think they can count better than you, some think they are scientists and waiting for Nobel Prizes, etc. toooooooo many reason)


They simply knows, that without TIME as a REAL PROPERTY of the UNIVERSE …- the Second Law becomes meaningless. What does it mean? They doesn’t know a shit. And they don’t have other ideas. (I told you, this world is lacking ideas…)

Let’s move further: to morning-day-night or yesterday-today-tomorrow …or the past-now-the future. Hm, it looks very similar. 3 times and 3 periods.


In buddhism 3 periods of time refers to the Former, Middle and Latter DAY.
Do you know how long is the Former Day? It is 1000 year period! So don’t tell me about 24-hrs anymore! I DO NOT HEAR YOU! Bye.


What if some Mr Popkin have arrived and told you (for ex, when you was born/child) that One day is = 7 cycles. Or maybe 30 cycles. Or 365 cycles (why the heck we are using all those crazy numbers? why 3 isn’t enough? haha)

So What Day Is It Today? How long is One Day? 

Wanna know the answer? Me too. Time to wake up your “Sleepy Einstein”. 

By the way, one of tibetan schools describes the Time as ‘4 times’: Past, Present, Future and Timeless Time. Where’s is it, this Timeless Time? Is it separated from Three times or belongs to them? I’ll tell you honestly, I want to live in the Timeless Time. To flow. To be. To love. Are you with me??? 

The best what humans could do, was to count days and seasons, mornings, noons, evenings. Because people have a need to plan and coordinate. People become more productive (smart?), they need to manage their time. We need accuracy because we cant survive without it anymore.

Ouch! GPS can’t work without accurate clock! Aaaaaaa…. Omg! How Im going to measure distance now? I need to know the correct time!!!

And so it goes…

I want you to read the words below (twice if you need it). Do you know what does it mean? Time CAN NOT BE SEPARATED from you. Time is you!

“Time is not separate from you, and as you are present, time does not go away. As time is not marked by coming and going, the moment you climbed the mountains is the time-being right now. If time keeps coming and going, you are the time-being right now.”

My dear, you are the time, the bee is the time, the tree is the time. All around you is the time. 
Now go out and make your time last forever! Because it’s impossible to count…


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  1. Yes I think so synonymous approximately, our clock runs only one direction
    Which is why every day does not come back so time forgot and other things also
    But we humans forget it, the whole elment earth is very short (before us) ,

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    • I have to disagree about the clock 🙂 of course if you are talking about particular lifetime (yours or mine/human)…but seriously, we don’t know what Time is – and what we know is good enough for us. We r busy until we die 🙂 thx for sharing your thoughts ✌️👍 appreciate it


    • But I have meant (clock runs) so time runs
      Very nice inteprtition, with my richly rich in knowledge, I try also in my time, on this plans the good qualities (earth) to pass on and bad to dismantle.,,,,,salah,,,,

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