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Call me ‘Sweet Heart’ – #TheRadishGirl

“Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you deeper and darker truths. But he’ll also be more abusive, unaccountable and demonic.” Cory Duchesne So I’m here. With you. On WordPress. Every day. I’m reading you, my wonderfully-outstanding-phenomenal-incredible-surprising-almost-divine-but-still-scary Bloggers (don’t worry, that probably ain’t you. I love reading new peeps/posts […]

Sad Poetry, age 20+

We had a conversation with Rebecca (a blogger) about her poem (erotical) and I told her I can’t write erotic. I think to write erotic, you have to be a very romantic person. That’s definitely not me. But I told her I can write ‘harder stuff”, kinda ‘porn-ish poetry’ lol. […]

Without grey 

Inspired by KinkyAcres! :)) who commented yesterday on my post with a phrase: “black and white without grey”. #Simpleone but #goodvibe for Monday! ‘Black’ and ‘White’ without grey is – “Us”. ‘You’ and ‘Me’ without us is  – “Dead”. And the colour for ‘Two’? -Your guess… Is it colour of “Love”? -More […]


Originally posted on Your Present Blessings:
There are a great many people in this world who are in helping professions. This week I am entirely thankful for nurses. Women and men who go beyond their circumstances to help others. I have a good friend who, in her spare time (even…

‘Purple-hearted’ morning

Sunday- morning. Conversation.  “I want to be purple,”- she suddenly opened her eyes. “Cleopatra will be spinning in her grave. Because of you,”- I told her. “Haha, why?” “The color was a healing ‘escape’. From the men, chasing every her step,”- I lied. I simply liked the rhythm. Nothing can beat […]