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Why Change is so hard? Where to start? Here’s the Answers. 

Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most. F. Dostoyevsky

In the beginning I’ll tell you …

If you’d ask me “why?”- the answer would be: “Because you are a lazy mfka and because you are sitting in your warm tiny dusty cave and it is good enough for you. You are scared to look out as well, not because you are a boring asshl who have lost any interest to the world, but because there are zero windows (dude, you never used them, ha!). You became a prisoner of your habits. You are lacking goals and skills. Or both. And the most important – fear of failure keep you very far from making of any changes.” 

Yes, failure is painful. Squeeze your balls. Still feel it? Learn how to make the right move.

Lets start from the theory. There’re only 3 principles for a change: 

1.There must be something new that comes to be = example: new love
2.Something old that passes away =  old love
3.Something that stays the same without any changes = me & myself

Perrrrfeeeeccccttt! 🙂 Does this remind you of anybody? …shhhhh 😉 

So if you are planning anything new in your life, go say thanks to Aristotle and hold the number 3 close to your heart. (I mean, take 3 min to analyse: whats new, whats old, whats going to stay and how it will shake the world around you).

Next. Let me draw the line of relation/or bondage between some familiar words (check the photo):

It’s clear that uncaused change is possible, but change without any reason sounds like quite stupid step..You wont do it, wont you? Haha. There’s always a reason behind of any change you’re planning or even behind of so called spontaneous ones. 

The cause is the foundation! 

Time cant be so easy backgrounded. Can the time pass without changing in anything at all? We cant imagine that, right? We’ve adopted the thought that change implies the period of time. 

We cant change life in one hour, or one day (still wondering how Grant Cardone wrote a book in 3 hours…what a liar haha) so we always have to think about time it will take.

“If it did not exist then it is nothing, so one would be speaking or thinking about nothing, which would be empty”.

Hmmmm, maybe change is an illusion? If in the time when the thing-as-changed didn’t exist, means it was nothing to change there at the beginning. Haha.. Complicated?
Yeah. Life isn’t always quotes and romance or  advices “be obsessed today and you’ll get 10,000,000 tomorrow”.

Also one more touch…every change is a duality. You are still you, but the NEW one. Your cave is still your cave, but already with the windows. You are still lazy, but already planning to run a marathon in 2045.

Wooooowwww! Things changes fast here, on wordpress. What a motion 🙂 What a plan!! Look at the new You! 

Now, with all that knowledge….go and Change the World! Spread some Kindness and… NOOOOO, never mention me if the people around you will ask “who did it to you?” haha


Change isn’t hard or easy. Change occurs through a process of following the right strategies with consistent effort. Don’t tell to yourself “its hard to change”. It will become the BELIEF! Kind of the programming you make – over and over and over. Avoid telling it to yourself. Say: yes, I’ll do it. I just need real cause + time +plan! 

Now go! Be Good today! Just like me… 


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Every long walk begins with a step and, ….. life experience comes daily & does not stop, I wish you all the best !!! Much success in 2017 .
    .Thank you for stopping by to say hello., lg sala

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