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Ego or how Dhar met Ma

“…the bee to make honey, of cow to give milk, of sun to radiate sunshine, of river to flow”. 

Voice 1:

must confess to you,

I am the one and only Dhar-,  

The key to Universe. 

I am the cosmic order and creation. 

I am everything you’ll never be. 

Voice 2:

Hey, Dhar!

Looking for the Ma? – I’ve heard… 

If you wanna,

I can shake my booty near your cosmic 

Milky Way. 

Just give a sign! Ha-Ha!

I am the One,

Who’s bringing the harmony of lust 

In any rituals, good or bad…

And as well, I am preventing chaos. 

Voice 1:


Ma is nobody. 

Ma is dirty. 

The Path to the Harmony is the Truth. 

The Truth is me. So,

Please, leave me alone, the woman,

I am too busy,

I have to check my duties of a King…-

The world is sitting in the shit of danger!

Voice 2: 

Cha, bro! 

Accept it! 

Ma is what makes the being what is is… 

To be exactly – even Ka-MA-sutra embraced me, 

He told:

“…THAT was the most amazing “sutra” I’ve ever done.

Nothing is higher, 

When you and all your chakras 

 Dancing on purpose.

You know the way to shake the world…”

Voice 1: 

You are U-N-R-E-A-L! 

Stop the absurd! 

The source of the existence,  

Of love,

Of mind,

Of faith,

IS Dhar-!

The Lord of the Divine Light and the Judgement!

Voice 3:

Shut up you both! 

You, guys, so called “DharMa”

shouldn’t walk around with stupid saying:

“Watch me! I am the best!”

Instead, try to reflect –

What satisfies the heart?

What you feel driven to?

What is your devotion?

To give stability and order 

to each creature on the earth. 

Be good, be virtuous,

be helpful to others,

be justice, be happiness 

exist in parallel

of universe and of each other. 

Put aside your ego!

Thats how you rule the world!

Voice 1 and 2:

And who are you???

Voice 3:

Victoria…I run this blog. 

Next time when you are here,

screaming at each other,

please, knock. 



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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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