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Twitter and his effects


…the place where you are basically having a conversation with yourself, hoping somebody else would join you 🙂

…the place where people can broadcast messages, ideas and news (much much faster than in any other networking platform)
…the place where you can feel you really belong to the group, even if you don’t. 
…also the place with a lot of porn and spam (if one spammer followed you – you can expect 20-30 follows during next 30 min)
…the place with a bad opportunities for advertising (of course depends on the products you are selling. Best – works for ‘services’). 

I’d like to mention, I’ve found out that swedish people still a little bit afraid of twitter. Or probably cant get how it really works.
Swedish people often asks: But how can i follow him if I don’t know him? I don’t want to follow the unknown person. I don’t want to talk with the person I don’t know. 


Answer: Thats the point. You can follow anyone you want. From Beyonce to Ali Druhmandin Mahmanbetovich. You don’t need to know them to tweet to them. And thats OK. 

Couple of words about twitter-lists

I personally dislike twitter-lists, but if you are using twitter for your business, its a good idea.

-you can make a list of people that are leaders in your field of business so you always can access their tweets easy and stay on top of hot topics;
-you can make a list of people that share a specific interest to make it easier to engage with them;
-you can make a list of competitors/concurrents as well, so that you know what they are offering. So you can offer better or quicker!

In general doesn’t matter how many people you are following on Twitter, they all can be broadly classified into 3 groups/lists.

-People you know personally (classmates, colleagues, friends and so on) and don’t want to miss out on their tweets. Probably it will be your shortest list ever and all tweets you can read in a few minutes, but at lest you’ll be always in touch whats going on in their lives.


-People who you follow because of their opinion. Some good stuff to read. Probably experts, scientists, leaders etc. Mostly informational list from very professional folks.


-Anything you want…but less important. Depends on your interests ( politics, design, marketing, music, movies, tv-shows)


Keep the number of your list to a reasonably low number. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed with the information from your timeline 🙂

Of course, you can even create the list with the name “The idiots” (I know you want it lol) but be prepared that those people will remove themselves from that list, and probably contact twitter to remove your account. Eh. Fair enough. 

And at the end I’d like to say, Twitter is not only a great news-network but also a channel to splash out the anger, greed, envy.. Are you prepared? 


Advice: don’t spend too much time there. Unless you are kinda the mind-influencer. I wouldn’t say it is a wasted time. But…look at the bigger opportunities and other networks for communicating and business. 

Theres one more post about Twitter, if you never read it – check it out

Have a great weekend, folks!

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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. I love twitter, oh yes it got its shortcomings but I love the fact that you have to be creative in the wordings. On Facebook you can go on for 3 pages but here you only got this amount. Brilliant. And yes I’m a swede and we don’t like to just randomly stalk people. I think this is is just in our nerve system. We can say hello to people but it takes time for us to really acknowledge you as a proper friends we can take home for ‘kaffe och fika’. I’m happy to say I’m different and I follow away. 😆

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    1. Yes exactly. U described it well, about swedes. They love to sit inside (homies) as well :)) it always surprises my mum when she’s here with visits.. :))


      1. This is so one reason why I moved away 20 years ago. I always felt like an outsider, am not a typical swede. Of course I’m still similar.. hard to kick the swede out of u I guess.. 😆

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