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Why you need to plan. Part 2

“People at any stage will profit by taking the wheel and getting pointed in the right direction.” Michael Hyatt.

Hey, Luke! Today is the day. I’m going to kick you in the right direction. 

How’s life going by the way? Haven’t seen you almost 5 days. Are you still working on that “I’m too awesome to plan your bullshit, so leave me alone”- image? Fine. Let me show where it will take you. 

If you don’t know why I call you Luke => click post #1 read here

If you don’t want to be Luke, then…well, hm. You don’t have a choice. You are who you are – the hero of this story.

Congratulations, Luke! From now on you’ve got a surname. I’ve kindly created it for you, because seems to me we stuck here, in 2017. With all your ‘unplanned plans’. 

Here we go:


Your last name is – Copyfknright. Sweet, isn’t it? I knew it will make you smile. Probably for the rest of the day. Haha!

Yep.. it is your reflection. Yes, the real one. Oh, dear…even if I could draw better – this is the best I could do for you. Why?


 You. Didn’t. Plan. A. Shit. 

No plans = more troubles.

More troubles = screwed. 

I am your the one and only hope! Luke, dear, you have to understand… you aint this boy anymore.


And life is not some random roadtrip, like in a movie, that you plan at the spur of the moment.

You need to sit down, scratch your nose, evaluate yourself, drink a cup (or two, or three) of coffee, do some soul re-searching (yes, I know there’s not much left there after all the “TROUBLES” you’ve met), figure out who you are at your core (No core? Search for the crumbs… anything??!!), set goal/s and plan how to get there. And once you’ve decided on your destination, sit down (yes, again!), make an itinerary (step by step) and then follow it.

Too much to absorb? Okay. Lets start with step 1.

What’s your target? (for today, week, month, year)

YOU: “Something like this, but without troubles?..”


Man, you are outta ur mind!

Go back to your chair (that one in the dark corner)! Reflect over ridiculousness you’ve just said to me! To us! To the woooooorld! 

Planning  will probably save you from the last minute hassle and would even save you lots of unnecessary wastage of time and troubles that could arise in cases of unorganised and unplanned execution of tasks, but it won’t save you from your stupidity, Luke!  Next time think twice (read: twice=1,347 times)

You should pay me, Copyfknright! Advices ain’t free nowadays!

If you’d like to know about the best planning app – here is the last free recommendation:

I call it “PP” – pen and paper.

Forgot how to use it? (no surprise) Ok, come over… closer to the light. Listen to me, Luke. A plan is like a map. When you are following a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project/goal and how far you are from your final destination. So take a pen. Write. 

Global tasks/2017:
#1 – 
#2 –

#3 –
#4 –
#56 –

Wait… what happened to those tasks between 4 and 56?

Already completed them? Wow. Where have I been all that time? Its only 25th of january, dude. You are quick! #LukeCanWhenHeWant Well done, Copyfknright!

So do you understand, that with planning you can frame/or carve your destiny. We don’t know about the future. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow  or a year after. Actually, all we know is Nothing. 
But little bit of planning didn’t hurt anyone. While building a car, one doesn’t just go about making some random designs and starts building the car instantly. Right? It takes planning and often a vision. 

And be careful, ‘lave’, because the troubles are hiding behind each corner…


So do the best you can do during this week. Plan Plans with a Pen and a Paper. #PPPP


“Many problems can be solved by a man not frightened by them.” Robert A. Heinlein

I’ll check on you next week, Luke!

Now – if you didn’t vote on my poll  (and if you belong to those who “LIKED” it…hahaha what is the point of ‘liking’ a POLL, people? Or 3 seconds was TOO long to read?) => if you didn’t – do it now

(to be continued)


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