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To make a progress…and still have fun :)

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Living in Sweden. Happy and kind. Russian and #badgram English. Coffee and Tea. Dogs. Coding haha. Web design. Social Media. Fun. Health... everything day by day :)
Пишу на русском и на английском.

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    1. Was lazy to write a post..I spent lots time at the gym instead haha…so u don’t like my serious posts 😬 booooo at u🤐 just kidding. Oki, I prefer funny post too. But I’ll open website & fb page so I wanted to get ideas what kinda info to put there


      1. Oh noooo. .. love yr serious post ad well but was tough choosing 🙂 damn choices… Hihi. .. Honestly if u write as you do now I’m a happy bugger.

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      2. Oh choices, choices…I think I’ll write a mix & then I’ll see. I’m planning to open 1 more blog/web & even fb-page. Gosh…I just need to be less lazy 😂😂😬


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