To ‘stretch’ the truth or to tell the truth? Why do people lie? 

“Of all the bright cruel lies they tell you, the cruelest is the one called love.”
George R.R. Martin

Is it acceptable to lie? If yes – then when is acceptable to lie? And why we do it? And is it a big difference: when we are lying to ourselves or to other people? And do you think “lying” is the new truth? 

My position: I think it’s okay to lie if your lie is “beautiful”. When I was a teen we used ‘beautiful lies’ a lot with my friends, because we wanted to make a difference or separate it from the usual lie.

What is a “beautiful lie”? 

It’s 50% true and 50% a tale or the fantasy or a dream. You don’t need to remember anything special, because you are telling the truth anyway, but with ‘a beauty-effect’. You are creating the story. Without stress, without tension.

With my method of 50/50 – you are ‘in chocolate’ and all your energy is saved and in peace.

Here is a small trick why it works: Good imagination. And I never defend a lie. The more you defend your lie, the angrier you become – thats a rule. I’m telling a story which is based on the truth + I’m adding some effects (sounds almost like a thriller, haha). When you are lying – you must reflect on what you’re trying to hide. But if theres nothing to hide and you are simply creating the story inside of the story, then there’s no stress and zero cost to your health.

Next question…

How often do you lie? 

Yes, you. I mean on daily basis. Zero? The average person lies between 10 to 100 times per day. Its official statistics. So who’s lied right now? You or statistics?

The most of us lie to ourselves every day. We live day by day on lies…for example that we’ll be more current in the daily duties, will go to gym 4 times a week, will start with ‘clean eating’, meet parents regularly etc.  What about all the different religions out there? Which of them is the truth? None? Or all of them?

I think the basis of any lie is creativity, thats why sometimes we can’t answer  only “yes” or “no”, we have to create the story. We can’t help but flip between the truth and a lie. Every day.

When is acceptable to lie?

I’m sure many of you going to say – a lie is only warranted when you or a loved one’s life is in jeopardy and when the lie will prevent pain and anguish to the person involved. Yes, totally agreed. But it’s quite common to lie to children also. Many parents tell their kids that they are the best at what they do. Maybe some parents actually believe in it or simply want to encourage kids to set goals and achieve more, but in many cases the parents are lying. And about many things 🙂 #weknowitright

What about business where there’s a 80/20 rule or “fake it till you make it”?

What if Ms Young and Sexy and You-Really-Like-Her will ask you: “Do you think I have (insert any negative quality, part of the body etc)?”

Do you think I have a big and hairy nose? 

You know that its not nice to say “YES”. But it’s not fair to lie to her either. I think in this case my ‘beautiful lie’ would be very helpful.

 Why do we lie?

We are not born liars, though we most certainly do have the mental faculties and inclination for deceit, to the point where we are known as “The Mendacious Ape” …ouch! (in comparison to other animals).
And thank you parents and society, you taught us well.

and at the end ->

Be prepared to pay the price if you’ll misuse lies or use them for the wrong reasons. Always remember: there’s a balance in everything! ‘Stretch’ your truth correctly…



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  1. Interesting. About 3 years ago, I decided to be truthful about 99% of the time. I wanted to give myself some leeway, because you know, this post lol I’ve found that people WANT you to lie. I’m not sure why but people tend to prefer it to the actual, unadulterated truth.

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  2. We don’t know exactly what’s best for others. Therefore we shouldn’t lie, even in the case we think it is for their best. And, there may be some proportionality between the amount of lies we tell ourselves and others. Interesting post and entertaining:-)

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  3. It must have been interesting writing this one, you should feel proud. It felt like you had this painting and you kept on circling around the table, picking up new epiphanies about it at every turn. Still, you gave this back to us as just a painting and that’s what I most liked; not too presumptuous but carefully picking up the points by their tails.

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    • I don’t know…Mostly I prefer to write something funny. And short.And simple. But with idea. Ppl should think afterwards about it or they should smile, or hate it or even if they think “that was stupid” – not so bad resume as well haha, etc. Any text should leave an impression (preferably). It doesn’t mean I should write all based on my own experiences all the time. For example I’m often writing as a male (taking male-position) but in real life I’m female. Also I don’t see any meaning to write where I went today & what I bought..- it’s boring. I’m always writing what is easier tho, cuz I’m lazy & have time only in the morning or evening. In general I prefer my post to be short, meaningful (one idea), funny…easy to read(structure is important). And yeah, i hope it’s kinda like a painting. And thank u for ur comment ✌️🤓

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