Finding Balance. And Dory…on Monday.

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be”. Thomas Kempis 

People will tell you that the meaning of life is creating a family, making kids or to be successful (career). Even Isaac Asimov (in one of his last interviews) said that the only future he believes in are his ‘grandkids’. Yes, maybe. If we look at it as a chain of the energies which have to be evolved and continued…

But I’ll tell you, all that doesn’t matter.

The most important part of existence is to keep your energy balanced. Because this is what makes you you (and the earth) happy.

If it isn’t balanced – then you are gone.

Step one: Understand yourself

People don’t understand themselves at all (thats why they don’t understand others too). I’ll tell you, I am getting to myself slowly… By the end of life I want to know the ins-and-outs of my behavior. My true likes and dislikes. My strengths and weaknesses. What I can do and what I can not. Yes, there are things which everyone is capable of and those which one can not. Accept them. Understand them. Nothing more. This is how it works. This is the way you are.

Step two: Goals

Why you was born? Why are you here? It’s simple.

Your goal on the earth is to be what you are here to be, so that you can do what only you can do. You can’t name it and put on the list in advance (but you can feel it, because you’ll be attracted to it and it will be difficult to resist). It’s a vibe, a particular chord or energy, that you ARE. It’s a combination of eternal + dynamic = earth + you

You Are =

the core (existence) + the impulse (moment, circumstances which changing you)

Step three: You can change the world

You are already doing that. By passing through it. You are an energy, that can experience, feel, be aware, understand…and change! Stay open. Improvise.

Step four: The truth

We don’t know what the “truth” about the earth or universe really is. We can speculate things and have faith in religions that we can’t prove. Scientologists will tell you we are from ‘UFO’ (by the way, I visited them just to get impression ‘what it is’), the orthodox and catolics – about Paradise and Hell.

In reality the only thing we’re sure about is that we exist. And we can’t repeat this life over and over. Yes, we don’t know if this is the only chance our energy can get or we’ll get much more in the future. And thats why you are responsible for that energy you’ve got, for happiness and kindness you are spreading, or the balance you are creating in the world.

Being happy means finding balance. Finding balance means inner peace. Inner peace makes the world spin in the right way.

Step five: The God (only for very religious peeps)

God doesn’t have a finite mind and doesn’t add up all your positive and negative actions to look at the END result. God will look at how you are. What your energy is. So shine on and relax. Theres No Hell.

Step six: Monday

Mondays sucks. I know. Finding a balance on Monday isn’t easy. Lol. But keep going, keep doing, keep yourself happy. I am with you. On the same level. Now let’s go and find Dory…


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  1. Feel the universe – feel yourself! Good idea but what about when you re givin’ up everything you believe in …like love!? For me there is no monday …no tuesday…or any other weekday…it is only the time that pass away think about what i ve lost! Is this my goal!? I dunno’….maybe…i become agnostical caused bad experiences…

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    • U lost nothing. U should ‘clear’ your head. “Almost literally” :)) you should build new ‘you’ and restart (like a phone)…- new page of life.
      To love is to suffer.
      If it’s damaging you – just stop. Stop to think about love, and about that person.
      And especially stop to talk with yourself about it. It won’t do any good.
      Be kind. Care. Be friend. It’s good enough.
      I’m not huge believer in love. I believe in compatibility and companionship between 2 people. That’s how it works.
      Any time you are wasting thinking/suffering about your “so called love” – is the time you could enjoy and be happy.
      Your goal (as mine as well) is to be in balance = in peace. Not in “love” hahahahaha

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