Love and sausage are alike. 

He texted: “Fish ‘n chips tonight?” 

She texted him back

“All you want from me is a food. 

The ocean of chips on your plate

Crispy, spicy, hot and salted,

Mixed with broiled tilapia parmesan.

And it’s never enough!

Not a single morning goes by without eggs: 

scrambled whites with a mushrooms,

or omelet with tomatoes and peppers. 

It’s the only time of the day when you pleasant in every way…

If you can’t find 9 sugared cookies or à cottage pie in ‘your pocket’ – you are going nuts. Like a child. And don’t tell me you don’t remember how you’ve tried to cut down Christmas tree in your own backyard. No. It wasn’t funny. To see you running around and screaming: ‘Please Santa, save me, all I need is a rain of potatoes and beef, because I am starving here’.

Starving? Really?
With chicken masala? 
A cod? 
Spinach and carrots? 
Baked salmon? 
Banana frittata? 
French onion soup
and sea food pasta?

And this is what you are calling ‘snacks’. Only! 

All I think about during a day – ‘I must feed him. He wants his fancy artichokes and home-made ketchup. Perhaps in the bed. Sometimes in the morning too‘. 

While other girls spending time reading fashion-sites, I’m studying new recipes from web-cooking books. I stuck between cocktails and baking. 

What about the food of love? One of the kind, never to be digested…?!

He texted: I love. Chinese? 

She’s angrily texted back

You are the queen of Chinese. But after Chinese you are still hungry and I have to cook a turkey roast for you. With a wine. And by night wear a chicken-costume because only that can make your dong wake up nowadays. 

Then in the middle of the night you are suddenly screaming:’what a nightmare! there are much worse things than salt and fat’…and we end up eating Mcburger and a large ice cream cone. Or two. 

Then you often trying to talk in French to me and it’s terrifying. Because you don’t know French!!!!

He texted: food is good. So chinese or fish ‘n chips?

SMILE :)))


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