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Why you need to plan. Inspired by B.F. Skinner

If you don’t think planning is important, you may want to reconsider that after reading my post.

Let’s give you a name. I’ll call you ‘Luke’ (I love short names, never can remember those long ones. To be honest – I don’t remember any).


Luke don’t want to plan a shit. He want to be totally free of responsibility of planning. He doesn’t believes in any plans.

I’m sure situation isn’t surprising!

Confucius, (listen old dudes, they know “the truth“), once said:

“If you don’t plan your day – you’ll find trouble at your door”

So our Luke on the way to his day-to-day enjoyment of life aka totally unplanned day. Smiling. Happy. Ooooops! And here she is.

The Trouble. Lets call her shortly IDGF.


I know, you like these kind of troubles, Luke. Yeah…

But they ain’t always looks so ‘easy, nice and clean’. Sometimes you’ll meet totally opposite kind of troubles outside of your door and the most difficult thing is to get ride of them, because they’ll stick to your throat:


they’ll hold it, suck all your power out of you…and they’ll enjoy it. Your suffocation. Nom nom!

But lets get back to the nicer one. Lol

So you don’t have any plans, guys…no roads, no goals, no destinations. You are arriving at the work in the morning = closer to the noon with no clear idea about the day’s activities.
Things begin to happen – the mail arrives, the phone rings, people dropping by. You are trying to ‘unfocus your focus’ from the skirt (Hmm) of your trouble and respond.


But all is flurry,


brains are blowing,

constant changes drives you crazy,

soon is evening, only 1% of 100 is done, 

IDGF is too close to you, but still too far,

(and nothing happened, at lest not in the way you expected it to happen. sigh ),

and simply, you don’t know what to do next (so called ‘The Decisions Dilemma’).

Hey, I can read you, Luke. You are thinking: “HAWT troubles like this One would smoothen any upcoming crisis”.


Maybe. Maybe not.

Do you remember Noah? How he survived the crazy flood? Exactly! By planning AHEAD. He wanted to live happily ever after! He said: Theres no such a word as Later, but only Plan it NOW. (ok, ok.. he never said that). But Noah had a goals. Short-term and long-term goals. Behind any great event in the history – is planning. Planning and vision can transform a dream into a successful and satisfactory reality. And, without doubt, it is one of the key elements of any achievement.

Do you wanna die today in the arms of your Trouble or do you wanna live forever like Noah, and be remembered in 3078 as the coolest dude who “saved the world/humanity/drunk neighbour/panties of the new boss/etc”?

What do you need for that?


Still thinking?

Then let me introduce to you Mr. Kick-Ass-Brainwashing-Machine (Nope, you ain’t Him. Nothing to smile about. Wait for it!)


who thinks he is a Father of providing, of trust and all necessities of life. He’s planning = he’s deciding = he’s doing = he’s enjoying your tears. Right now Mr BrainMachine gonna Kick-Ass-Of-Yours

like this

Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha

because you’ve deserved it, Luke.

Ps. And take your HAWT Trouble under his wing!


Because you didn’t plan anything. You allowed Mr BrainMachine to plan for you without even giving you the idea what he’s planning. 

Planning is a process, and it is a process of choosing too! If we do not choose to plan, then we choose to have others to plan for us! Planning is bringing your tomorrow into today.

I’ll let it sink …and leave you for a while. 

(to be continued next week)





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