Twitter: What’s Good About It? What’s Bad About It? 

“People know what they do; frequently they know why they do what they do; but what they don’t know is what what they do does” Michael Foucault

Now many people in the world are using Twitter as their daily network. And it grows bigger and bigger too. Let’s check some positive and negative impacts of Twitter for us. Have you been there lately? 🙂

What’s Good About it?

  • Communication/connectedness 

I’m Twitter-user from 2009. And I’ll always remember that, because I never heard about Twitter before 2009, but then, by accident, I read in one newspaper about Ashton Kutcher, who has challenged CNN to a popularity contest on the social media called Twitter. Hm, what’s that?!

I loved Twitter. It provides amazing access to the whole world: famous ‘minds’, companies, as well as to news as its happening. You want to know why I don’t have thousands of followers? I don’t know, I never had that kind of ambition to get as many as I could. But through the years I had more than thousands accounts, sometimes I had 60 accounts at once (each about 200-400 followers). I always wanted to know people who followed me, so I’ve followed only those accounts who tweeted back to me and who were active each day.

  • Access to the news 

I’m not a fan of the news. All those “long paid articles” in newspapers is out of the time. 140 characters is truly enough to explain “12 weird ways to use lemons while sleeping”. So I honestly tell you, I’m reading only the ‘HEADER’ of the news. If you’re reading 10-20 headers a day – you understand whats going on with the world. Believe me, you don’t  need more information, unless its your job!

  • A Voice

You can communicate with celebrities, big companies. For example, you are using Fitbit Watch and ops, suddenly, it doesn’t sync anymore plus problems with a screen. Before you go to the store, you can contact company directly on twitter! To get information what to do next. Usually they answer during 30 min – 1 hour.

Be careful, its a lot of fans on twitter! They have own communities and some of them are a total madness! And they know what #hashtag does! 

  • Easy to use, to share or collect information

I’ve created my first Facebook Page in 2014. Before I always used only Twitter as a social media/communication with the world. I hated Facebook. It was so complicated. And, hello, I don’t know so much people. Whom to follow there? Whats the point of having Facebook if I doesnt have friends and a nerd-monk…

But then I met 2 girls (during my long stay on Malta) and when I asked them for a contact phone (lol I know right…old-fashioned Me), they ‘ultimately’ told me: “We keep in touch via Facebook only”. Aha! So I created one. After a while I found out I have a friends. Haha. But still I think, Twitter is much easier to share and connect. I even can chat on twitter, because it’s a huge chatting machine. I don’t need to know you to chat to you. And no, nobody sees us, nobody reads us, but it’s still millions of eyes around. Fun, isn’t it? Thrilling! (even if they are reading us.. they don’t know who we are!)

  • Promotion

I’ve heard Twitter is excellent way for those searching for work. Sure, lots of companies there. It’s a modern trend to use social media for recruiting purposes or seeking out potential employees (with a good ideas). I’m working with a social media and digital marketing now, and I’m getting hundreds of dm’s (messages) with a links – from people who want to buy or to sell, or to hire. I find it annoying. I never read those dm’s, simply, because IF I’m truly interested in your product or you as a person – I’ll go to your page, I read it and I’ll contact you.

What’s Bad About It?

  • Too much information

Often the same OLD stuff repeatedly written over and over.. I have no time to check all (some people tweeting non-stop! Get a life..) 

  • Being bad. 

Anyone can say just about anything. It’s easy to attack people, or even start a “Twitter war”. I’ve been a troll couple of times, so I know what I’m talking about. But at least I had an army of 60 twitter-accounts…Just imagine that! 🙂

  • Takes time. Bye, bye, Productivity! 

Any kind of communication, even Twitter (chatting, reading, following-unfollowing, seeking for tools, job) takes your time. Real one. You are busy, and tired, but nothing is done.

  • Self – esteem. Depressed people should avoid Twitter.

Ok, if you are very depressed and angry AsFxxk, then you are welcome. You’ll find your place there. I’d advice you to follow @Lord_Voldemort7! Good way to start with tweeting and learn how to behave. Haha.

The longer people spend on Twitter (+Facebook) each week (god! I’m every day there!), the more they agreed that everyone else was happier, cooler and better off than they were. Ouch! 

  • Everyone’s is watching, but you are still alone! 

Twitter reminds me the Earth some way… We are all connected, but we are all still very lonely.

  • Multiple personalities. Matrix 

I am a big fan of sci-fi (movies, books). Old good sci-fi. I don’t read new sci-fi, simply because it sucks. Im getting lost between crazy names and tools and story without any idea in it.  So if you wanna feel like you are inside of the Matrix – go to Twitter. Do you want be a president of New Cuba? Easy. A dog? No problem! Anything or anyone you want. You can even fool people, but it’s a dangerous water…

(to be continued) 



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  1. I love twitter as well, mainly because oF the text limit. You have to write clear, short messages instead of some people who writes 3 pages of rambling. Love love


    • same, love short texting..btw today I found some page with blogging-girl on twitter, and i read her post (longer text as i usually read…but i liked ti, it was just a story from my life)