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Don’t complicate things 2

Hey! Still here?

If you haven’t read my post ‘Don’t complicate things…’ Go read =>
Now, when we know ‘why’ is the world full of people who over-complicate things, we can discuss ‘how’ and ‘what’ you can do to make your life more simple.
The easiest way to deal with situation we are in is – to take the amaranth pill (translation:pink) and all your problems ends, you wake up in your bed with a new belief that your boss is the smartest and the most kindest ever (…do they exist even, those kind of people?), your neighbour Peter is the greatest friend you ever had.. and simply, your life couldn’t be better. Nice!

Unfortunately, pills …are like Viagra, doesn’t lasts long. So here we are,  in the middle of the arrow called life, trying to fit in between too smart and too stupid people, who are trying to over-complicate our lives.

Let start with advices (for free lol):

  • Be like hedgehog.

What do I mean? As we know, when hedgehogs feel alarmed or irritated, they will curl up into a spiny ball to protect themselves. With all 5000 spines. (Yeah, I’d like to have those ones as well.) Thats the way to say, kindly: “With all due respect, f-off’ or “If you continue to complicate my brains with unnecessary info – I will have to terminate this conversation. And you.”

  • Do not listen. Count seconds.

Lets begin from 10 seconds. That’s a long enough time for a short chill out-situation in the middle of conversations/actions. But always look directly at your opponents. Pretend you are here. Smile and count.

  • Be like a cactus.

Learn to attack first. With kindness.

Simple example: He walks into your room/taking over your space/or office without an appointment(you aint prepared for any conversation, you’ve been busy with checking last porn updates), with stupid question or crazy chat (or angry demand).  Your move = make direct eye contact, stand tall and get just slightly closer than is commonly acceptable (do it quickly), and say “May I help you?” Surprise him, before he starts complicate your day.

It’s all about body language, if you do it right most times people will be thrown off and immediately start to think what to say. Add a crocodile-smile. (its okay to lose your temper, just don’t hurt anyone haha).

  • You are an energy ...

Define others energy. Imagine you could put aaaalllll human kind on the long arrow from 0 to 100! Where you’d place this person? (what does it mean – 0, 0, 0, 0? Dude, thats very bad environment. Stop read all advices and…Run! ) React in that way. But still be positive. Thats how you will ‘boost’ them out of your day!

  • Dance.

My favourite. Because I can’t dance. But i do. In the kitchen. Because I don’t want to scare other people and myself. That’s why in the kitchen. The place without the mirrors. But it helps you deal with all stress you’ve got during long day and amazing ‘heads’ you’ve met. And then, when you are too tired or too happy, – go and get 7 hours of sleep. Because without your ‘beauty-sleep’ you won’t be able to fight all those demons waiting outside! haha



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  1. I always dance and sing while cooking when I get home, I feel so good and get my engergy going unfortunately my girl I’d not so happy w the singing but tough luck 😆


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