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Dont complicate things…

“The most complicated skill is to be simple” Dejan Stojanovic

Life is always simple. Everything can be reduced down to a Yes or No answer, but still most of the people complicate things.


  • They don’t want black and white. Or red. Or blue. They are Conquerors! Amazing, one-of-the-kind brains! They want Coquelicot. Or Sarcoline. (don’t worry, I’m aware you don’t know what those colors means. Me too, buddy. Seems we are one the same line, so far). Human brains evolving in a very strange and complicated way, at least for the last 200,000 years. They don’t want it easy, they wanna struggle against the wind even if its only 1 km/hr. No wind at all? Let’s create it. Ha!

And so it goes: people creating objects they don’t need to fight problems which doesn’t exist. Yet.

  •  Stupidity (#hashtag ‘sorrynotsorry’ for my honesty?) I didn’t say ‘mental attitude’, so I guess I’ve been kind enough (again!). Not sure what sounds more nasty though. How to check? Ask them what the problem is, what kind of obstacles they are seeing. You’ll be surprised by the answer because those people imagine things beyond of their real existence and invite lots of trouble (and very easy) into their lives.
    To be clear, some people alone make things complicated (let’s hope we are still not one of them, haha).
  • Experience. People have different experiences with the same things. That’s why we all react differently. We give different meanings to events, conversations…even sight or touch. We are living in One world, but our Realities are different. Based on:

Current circumstances

So if you are seeing 2 straight lines, doesn’t mean your neighbour Peter seeing them as well. He’s probably seeing a cow leg, or a wine glass. And the saddest thing, we can’t do anything about it. We can leave him with those incredible visions (to enjoy), because we want to simplify our lives and… complicate his own.

  • To avoid the feelings. Take a honest look at your reactions lately. Do you freak out over stressful situation, blaming your neigbour Peter every morning during breakfast-time, getting hard on yourself (why can’t you see a wine glass, but two lines only?), panicking over possible consequences? Or just sitting with negative feelings and pushing it deep deep down. Thats smart, lol.

You have the right to have feelings, but you don’t have the right to complicate them to the point when they are destroying your own life or lives of the other people. Stop your feeling-phobia today! Be lazy. Cant see a wine glass? Thats okay. You can always put your 2 lines together and create a candlestick. Or a candle. Candles = romantic dinner = food…hurra! = relax = life isn’t that bad with two lines. Right?

  • To avoid the truth. By complicating the problem (or the truth), we think, we can ignore the problem and after a while all will melt away. It keep us far from quick and permanent changes and allow us comfortably swim in the comfort zone. And because we are frightened to redefine who we are (OMG! Im not a next Van Gogh, but only simple plumber..) or put The Ego under mattress  – we complicate things instead. We lie. We are enjoying those lies! With the time they are becoming the truths. Our life.
  • I do understand: you’ve got a complex life, high in stress, with crazy boss or girlfriend or activities. But life it’s not supposed to be like this. It must be easy. Thats the meaning. This is the most complicated answer I can give you today. Now, go out and live it. Adios amigos!

“you wanted it all to make sense

and you wanted the most complicated answer,

but the answer is simple.

Just be.



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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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    • to be continued… probably today lol and yep, people complicate each step they make. Couldn’t answer yesterday, because my new iPhone 7plus (just one month old) got software or hardware problems (I think its hardware). With camera. Actually with all apps which using camera lol I think Im going to change it but yesterday I’ve tried to erase all content and settings and restore it via iTunes. Didn’t help. So u can imagine this kinda stress, haha. Hopefully it will be fine this week.

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    • Haha 🙂 I planned 2 posts..bcz I hate long posts..I divided them in 2. About iPhone – yes, it’s a mess..but each iPhone I’m buying always working worse than the older one.. & all around me trying to complicate my life already 39 years. But, hey…I’m deaf and blind. 😂🤘

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