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To be or not to be…

Just read a post about “huge sexual temptation” in the public place from a girl to the unknown guy.
Here’s the satirical look at the situation. Only thoughts, they never spoke to each other.

She: He’s The One. The one who’s gonna beg me and run to touch my shoulder, when Im in rush will move outside of waiting room. Seems he is tired from this place and people. He need some exercise!
Oh men, one clutch of legs and you are on the ground! How sweet. Time to massage my ankles…he’s watching my every move. Oho-ho-hoooo, I’ve got you, little boy!

He: Oh God, please, give me the strength survive that hungry look of violent temptation. She’ve started moving legs. Up – down. Down – up. She probably in need to get to rest room quicker for her age, it’s really weird. What if it’s herpes? Why not? Those legs too itchy to be healthy. 

She: that’s just embarrassing, I mean his heavy breath. Damn, he looks like 25, but seems he doesnt have enough of actions of smashing girls on hard-wood floors. Poor you! Give me a sign, my heart is almost ready embrace your aaaaallllllll desires. Any place.

He: …Hm, pretending to fix her bra. Is it a sign? What if I get closer and she’ll scream in madness: “Maniac! Help! Fire! He wanna kill me! Us! He’s a terrorist!” Oh, girl..I could unzip my jeans in 0,1 second but the wood is not that free in such expensive time. And it’s too cold. And wife is waiting at home with noodle-soup. She also got warm ‘cave’. But very quiet one.

She: I am moving to the rest rooms, are you in? Decide, while I’m massaging my hands. Preparing them for you.

He: That’s it. The Moment. She’s on the way to bathroom. To follow or to stay and wait? I hate your questions, fkn Hamlet. Give me some answer before all that is dead! She showing off her hands. Okay, I’m going. I’m a gentleman and woman is in need.

She: He’s shivering. How’s going you fill up my pretty cup with your snowflakes, my Mr Claus?

He: No, I’ll stay. My chair is too warm. 



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