Nothing as it seems

The best name for this post would be “Things I’ve just found out about myself, and you”. But people love mysterious, catchy names. So I gave it to you! No explanation is needed.

  •  Thing 1. I can’t read too long posts. What about you? Believe me, I’m trying each time, but then I drop it and move to the next page. Even if it’s catchy, amazing, funny or teaching or hell know what kind of post it is – I usually don’t read more than 500-600 words. I stop. Yes, even if I’d like to know whats gonna happen next.

Now I understand why visual content are going to be so popular in 2017. Haha. Easier to scroll down pictures. Don’t need to make efforts. Lazy is the new trend. Yo!

Still, I think, nothing can replace a good text. Pictures aren’t your thoughts, they are expressions of who you are or how you feel or how you see the world. But we are guessing who is the person behind them, while looking at them. We don’t know for sure…we simply mix our own vision with representation of the author.

  • Thing 2. If I don’t feel a melody in the writing – I don’t read it all. 

I would be absolutely happy if your melody could connect with mine in the moment I’m reading your text. (I know, lots to ask. Who the heck am I? I barely can sing, haha. And now ‘dis btch’ wanna melody). But the truth is – any written text displays an energy.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. If you want to find likes – don’t think. They’ll find you”. Nikola Tesla

  •  Thing 3. A poetry. Romantic stuff isn’t my thing. Never been. Maybe when I was 14, but ain’t we all been too stupidly romantic in our teen-years.

Poetry is a living system which is very well organized (even if you’re thinking it’s only couple of boring chaotic words)

All poetry I’m writing in this blog I call a “raw”. That means the poems have been written during 5-30 min (usually no more) and posted as it is, without too much thinking and fixing-tricksing. But even in that “raw style” it has an idea, a question, a structure and a melody. Without it impossible to build any text.

And if you can’t read my poems or texts, our melodies are probably disconnected. Ouch! 

  • Thing 4. We read you. You ain’t lonely. There’re thousands eyes here who are studying you, love or hate you, who are envying you or even stealing your texts. Deal with it! Haha
  • Thing 5. Popular themes with a touch of resolutions. Gosh, I really wanna the spring arrive on all social medias more quickly because otherwise I’ll go to pieces. Soon. 

If you took one-tenth the energy you put into planning of resolutions and applied it to solving the problems/tasks in 2017, you’d be surprised by how well things can work out…

Think about it 🙂

  • Thing 6. Oh, finally the end! Means – forget your problems, its a cookie-time! That’s the ONLY way to a brighter future! That’s the ONLY right resolution (check your lists,  I knew you’ve missed it) for a happy 2017!

Word count just told me its 519 words already. Perrrrffffeeeectttt! Enjoy…your free time 🙂 


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  1. Lol usually I’m writing on the phone in my diary (it count the words 😂 best diary ever), then I copy-paste to WordPress/scheduling post. I think (just a personal opinion) the writing world is overwhelmed by the miles of long posts. I usually read all I can but only 500-600 words (or!!! Only the names of articles 😱😂) = in some cases means I’m reading only third part of the text. And the problem isn’t in minutes (time), but I just can’t. I’m irritated if it’s too long just because ppl think it should be so (long doesn’t mean quality of message!), and in general u can say it in 2-4 sentences haha 😂 #beingbadMe


  2. Am happy u did the word count or I would just have to do it. 😆 But a good mix of photo/text does miracles for a post, same here if a great post goes on and on, I’m bye bye.. shame..

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