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Forget about resolutions…

What is the saddest thing in life? To wake up with a thought: “This is isn’t happiness…”
Why so many people are unhappy today?

There’re hundreds of reasons and only one way to fix it. (I would like to say the truth to you, which is – “to cut your silly head off”. But I’m not THAT mean).
Let’s start from the beginning. What do you think about when you first wake up? (Please, leave the details about “intimacy with yourself” for your personal diary. Focus! ). Yes, exactly! You are trying to think positive. You are aware of a deep purpose of your life: family, kids, mistresses, jobs, careers, peace on the planet, where to place your precious seeds next weekend when your wife/or gf out of the town, how to kiss Trump (haha, just kidding. I got you here.)

If you believe all that positivity is what makes you happy – you are delusional. Attention! Delusions are extremely empowering. And that’s why, my friend, I have to “evolve” your brains (let’s hope it’s still in ‘responsive mode’) like in the famous Pokémon game.

  • There’s no purpose. (Takes a moment to sink into it)

The Earth itself has purpose. To exist. You – don’t. Because nobody planned to have you here. Your existence is here by some de-fault. The accent on the word “fault”. (Ops! I see your face. Don’t even try it...) More information I’ll post later under my “project”-theme (where I’ll talk about the creation). Untill then try to understand – your purpose is in having zero purpose.

  • You can’t relax to the point of feeling alright.

You can’t stop your neuro-associations, memories, emotions. But even if you does, your brain will still create a back-up link, which will destroy you by all amount unnecessary information.

  • You are alone. Quite literally. Yes, Dalai Lama confirmed that (he said: ” Stay tuned. Yo!”) 
  • Any sponge needs some vacation. By “sponge” I mean your brain. You are attached to all your thoughts 24/7. Thoughts are illusions. Illusions are different from reality. It causes stress and anxiety.

Vacation-practice for your weary and foggy ‘sponge’: a song, preferably without words (na-na or cha-cha-cha will do the wonders). How and when? Always! Just sing! Let it out. Nooooo, not too loud. We don’t wanna scare the neighbors or get express-visit of the 911-group.

  • Life just is. To live it. This is the meaning. This is the peace you are looking for…Doesnt exist another kind of peace.

And here we are coming to the end (as you see, I’m very caring and compassionate, hopefully i’ve saved you a minute or two for the next article. Gosh, its too stressful around. SING! haha )


In and out. To be able to breathe is to wake up on the top of the world. Disagree? Okay. Then stop breathing. I’ll count the seconds (no worries, i can count to 3). How does it feels?
So what’s the best thing that could happen today? Being awake! Being able to breathe! Embrace it. Cherish it. This is the only meaning. This is the exercise. This is what gives you the energy and keep you going. This is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. (no, not sex. I mean, not ONLY sex).

By the way, I did some home work and checked the last suicide statistics for you (report from 2016) in UK & Ireland. The suicide rate in Ireland (just example) is much higher than it was 10 years ago. Only female suicide rates increased almost by 15%.

What does it tell us? People don’t want to breathe. And this is really sad. Because they don’t want to die. Nobody want to die. They just don’t know how to breathe properly. And how important it is.



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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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