Numbers do not bleed 

The official day when I’ve started to write my blog is 6th of December. I haven’t seen it before, only today. So, my simple question is: “does it make me the evil?” 

People who claim that they’re evil are usually no worse than the rest of us… It’s people who claim that they’re good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of.

Okay, then I have to admit – I am absolutely evil-ish!  😂 

But why people are so scared of number 6, 666?  What does the number 6 represents in reality? 
In general, “6” is the number of love, perfection and union. It is the “MOTHER” of numbers which can balance emotionally, spiritually and physically. It symbolize harmony, peace and truth (I’m sure you think I’m BS-ting you. Nope, I don’t. It’s kinda official facts. Deal with it. Find another number to blame…).

Yeah, yeah.. you wanna disagree with me because a man was created on the sixth day and in the Bible (you can find absolutely ANYTHING there, what a book! ) the number means the manifestation of sin and human weakness. 

What should I say? I 🤷‍♀️ don’t care! I love my 6! 

I could easy eat 6 cookies 🍪. And you? No? Wanna stay healthy? Healthy is yesterday’s trend. Today’s trend – 6 cookies! With a ☕️ coffee! 

Even in Tarot number “6” means The Lovers. Probably because the planet of this number is ‘Venus’. So if you’ll eat 6 cookies today – you’ll get lots of love tomorrow! Just keep my post in your mind. Haha 

Let me tell you the real story from the exam in my university, where I’ve been ‘struggling’ with very old professor of literature who told me that I picked the Evil Number, (which was “10”). 

Me: “I thought the number of evil is 6..”

Professor: “No, it is 10”

Me: “I never heard about it. Like ever!”

Professor: “So you think you know better than me? Only after 3 years of studying? You should read more. Sit down and prepare to answer examination ticket first…”

Me: “I know the subject and can answer all questions in my examination ticket #10. Right now.”

Professor (big eyes): “You know, girl, – you are a snob”

Ps. I MEAN…REALLY????? 10???? A snob? 

I’m small city girl. Next door-good arse-never out without mommy. 

Oh, dont ask me what I’ve got. It wasn’t A! But I knew the subject very well so he let me go. Probably he was the evil itself. 

Remember what Nietzsche said? 

Man is the cruelest animal!

Numbers have no pity, no feelings, no views, no knowledge. We, people, who decide about meaning behind the number. And from now on, number 6 means a Cookie Day! I’d easy eat 10 even…✌️Evil-ish me! 


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