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Bright New 2017

May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early! 

Find a dream! Take chances! Re-shape your life! Think! Believe! Act! 

Happy New 2017! 

And remember, there’s Good in every year! 🙂 

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Living in Sweden. Happy and kind. Russian and #badgram English. Coffee and Tea. Dogs. Coding haha. Web design. Social Media. Fun. Health... everything day by day :)
Пишу на русском и на английском.

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    1. “Your words to God’s ears” 🙂 we are usually saying so in russia, and if your wish is coming from your heart – it will be so. But in general Im always happy. New year like a new day = new possibilities.There’re sad days, there’re happy days. A balance 🙂 And i wish you happy 2017 too! Have fun! Don’t think much!

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