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Digital way of Evolution into the Future! Are you in? 

Hello, Google-generation! 

The ones who distracted from distraction by distraction. Yes, it is you, buddy, because if you are reading this, you belong to 70% of adults who are using social media every day. 7+ billions people in the world. I’ll let you make the counting and think about it, because my math skills are horrible. But even without counting my conclusion for 2017 is: we’ll spend more time connecting via devices and less time in the real world…

4-5 years ago I was a real online-freak, but I got so tired that I changed my lifestyle and stopped using media. Ops! I had no FB even, created it only in 2014, if I remember well.

I don’t know…I liked my ‘real’ life. You meet amazing people: you can smell them, laugh with them, hug them, go crazy. You ain’t imagining their qualities/or personalities, which probably doesn’t exist. You see the person you meet. You talk, You touch. You feel. In a different way. Oh, okay…enough with old-fashion bullshit.

Let’s see what’s going to be trendy! 


They are telling us, it’s almost over 10 billions daily views…I mean, peeps, hows THAT happened? Where they are from – additional 3 billions? 😂 Mars is coming!

I’ll tell you honestly, I never used Snapchat. I don’t have friends. I know a lot of people. But a friendship is much more than ‘knowing’, right?

Calm down, I hear you!  And I’ve decided 2017 going to be a year to break that Snapchat-ice.

I’m not sure if I’m the right person for chats tho. Sometimes I’m stressfully-busy and if anyone (especially someone I don’t know) trying ‘kindly’ get in touch with me by sending “how are you’s” messages.. I feel I wanna kill that dude 😬🏋️‍♀️.

But because of my pure kindness – he’ll never find out about it. Lucky! wink

Any video content.

Whaaaattt??? You’ve got only some super-puper dirty stuff or boring work files on your laptop?! No problems, you ain’t alone. But try to be smarter next year: go and PRETEND you are Health Coach, or maybe Visionary? A Guru? Zero knowledge? Life is moving only between office-chair and a sofa at home? Thats okay! You know why? Because even the most boring object can be turned into a magical one. With a bit of handy work and fantasy you can create a new Osho 2017!

“He wasn’t good or evil or cruel or extreme in any way but one, which was that he had elevated Grayness to the status of a fine art…” – Terry Pratchett


That means: a) you should like my post after reading. Decisions about a content, time, photo-posts, sales and so on,  should be made based on analytics. And I promise you to go to ur page and b) read your stuff and analyze you the best way possible, haha. More simple way – get analytical apps.

Be present.

That means again: almost no time for family, friends, work. Stick your nose into your phone. Keep it there! ALWAYS! Because if someone made a connection/asked a question, decided to talk about the product you are trying to sale/ you have to give the best answer you can during 30 minutes.

No!! No!! And no!!! More than one hour won’t be allowed in 2017. Forget your hopes about free from the phone vacation! Online presence is a huge trend in 2017.


Choose wisely. I’ve heard Twitter is slowly going down. Maybe. I like short messaging tho, but timeline is moving like a crazy if you are following more than 300 people. Do something with that, TWITTER!!! Grrrrrr!😼

Go virtual. Create a robot. Learn something new. Lie, if you need to. Fake it till you make it. 

And most important – stay positive and sleep minimum 7-8 hours each day. Because otherwise I can’t save you in 2017 hahaha


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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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