The day will happen… whether you get up or not

“If you have ever come up against Nothing you have no idea how it can scare you out of your wits. When I was a child I used to be afraid of Something in the dark. I know now that the most fearful thing about the dark is that we may find Nothing in it.” Howard Spring

Ray’s day in pictures:

Sky in the morning

Daisy near fire place

sourdough bread

on the way to centre (old town)

Vegan soup, recipe Janesh Vaidya

Just a cool picture from the book (at the store)

Sharing the table of contents from my upcoming book “So Absurd It Must Be True”:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Story of Ocean and Tiger
  3. Hunger
  4. Discovery
  5. The Writer Without a Story
  6. Love
  7. Key Point
  8. Time
  9. Un éclair au chocolat
  10. Greed
  11. Escape
  12. Focus or Jazz is Jazz
  13. Faith
  14. Pilgrim or Not Everybody Will Understand
  15. Innocence
  16. Phobias of August Gray
  17. The Art of Charm or How To Find Your Swagger
  18. Chocolate Shrimp
  19. The Lamp
  20. Zoo Heaven
  21. Dalia or Dalai
  22. Calm and Happy
  23. Age and soul
  24. Academy of Love
  25. Random Universe
  26. Give me one more breath
  27. A sense of future
  28. Ten steps a day
  29. The child and the sea
  30. Ex-wife
  31. To be or not to be
  32. Love and sausage are alike
  33. The Echo
  34. Sweet angel
  35. Selfie
  36. Purple-hearted morning
  37. Silence is loud
  38. Grumpy kid and a doll
  39. The silent psycho
  40. Romeo and Marie
  41. Unhappy Valentine
  42. Power
  43. The paradox of Tu
  44. Acknowledgements
  45. About Ray

Next post (18/1) – “The Pearl Territory”, Alma 


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31 Responses

  1. Hal Barbera says:

    Let it happen … make it happen … seize the day …

  2. Fiery says:

    Love that quote and your pics are beyond charming ♥

  3. Jeanne says:

    Hmmm… a state of mind… when we get to the essence of ourselves, we wonder if we are there? Be there! 💙

  4. Love your fireplace. Enjoyed the other photos as well. Thanks.

  5. Baffledmum says:

    Beautiful quote ❣

  6. kinkyacres says:

    What a beautiful picture with Sky, toy box, vase and the view outside!

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  8. Ray!…missed your posts!…but i will keep up from now on😁

  9. Hyperion says:

    I enjoyed this post. It’s like you welcomed us all on a little group tour of Ray’s World. When I saw the delightful young lady clothed only in a frilly tutu, I thought right away, how interesting that Ray blogs naked. I’ll have to try that too sans the tutu. Then I read the caption and realized you had just recommended an interesting book for a good winter read. You are a clever person, Ray.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      me and tutu lol mmm, everything is possible haha

      • Hyperion says:

        I can’t wait to read about your adventures with tutu’s. In Ray’s world, everything is interesting to read about.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Maybe I’ll add tutu (just because we talk about so much lol) in my next psycho tale 😂😂

      • Hyperion says:

        Wooo hooo! I know you will do such a good job, the internet will collapse under the traffic stampeding to your website. I look forward to it. 🤩

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        😬 I don’t think so …the book is not “everyone’s cup of tea” 🙂 but I have “hopes” – for my next, young adult lol it’s very popular genre 😉😉✌️😂

      • Hyperion says:

        It doesn’t matter about those who don’t indulge in Ray’s stories, it’s the same for people who love mystery but will not touch fantasy or sci-fi. What matters are those Ray-Fans that do love your clever humor. We will be there drooling, with darting eyes, and nervous hands waiting.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Haha 😆 yes we are writing what we love 🙂 that’s the point…then of course we want the reader to love it too 🙂

      • Hyperion says:

        I do love your writing so count me in as a member of the Ray fan club.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        You are the member!! 😂 forever & ever 😱😱

      • Hyperion says:

        Wooo hooo! YES! 🤩

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        And thank you 💙💙

      • Hyperion says:

        Welcome Ray. You are a prime source of smiles and laughter along with your wisdom you share and I do appreciate that talent.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Thx & we all are a very “happy” group …and why wouldn’t we be? We r writing (spreading) such positive vibes – ho ho hooo 🕺🕺

      • Hyperion says:

        Yes, we are performing the ethereal Snoopy dance of happiness. 😁

  10. It’s an intriguing table of contents!! Great photos also. 😎

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