Keep your face to the sun…

First of all, did I say I love you today? I do. And don’t forget how awesome you ARE!  It will be mostly informational and sharing-is-caring post. I’ve ordered 2 books of WP-bloggers, which I’ll read and review (let’s see when they’ll arrive and how well Amazon UK […]

There is a girl in the black box

This tale-poem is inspired by a memoir ‘Negroland‘, Margo Jefferson and the movies I’ve watched recently – ‘Suburbicon’ (I’d advice to imagine that Suburbicon-city is our Earth, to feel a bigger picture and how we’ve messed all up) and movie ‘Marshall’ (based on the true story, a bit […]

A crank-y ‘fairytale-dream’

For daily prompt – Crank Early spring. Escape. A single, sexy girl in bikini, Loud complain. His money disagrees. Irritation grows between them. ‘One cocky bitch,’ – he sighs. Shaky lips. Desire expands. The melting sunset smiles.  Already naked. Look! Bikini on the ground. Chemical reaction fails.  No doubt. […]

The Stress Epidemic

From the book of ‘Balance Hormones, Balance Your Life’, Dr Claudia Welch  I’ve finished this book yesterday and it is a great read for women (30 + and up), but I’d advice it even for those who are younger (I can’t say I’d be so interested in hormones […]

Origami-Heart. Part 2: The Bad.

Part 1: The Good – click here xxx Rida touched the dough: it will be cider cupcakes with pureed warm apple filling and cinnamon buttercream. Ensam was busy with the gallons of frosting and coloured sugar. She have tried to ask him why he blood-cried at the bridge, but […]