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Are you tired today? Of course you are. Just like me. And all 7,485,784,512 of us.  My question is simple – WHY? Why are you tired when you are planning your work? Why are you tired while working? Why are you still tired when you are not working at all? […]

To the last drop…


Pump the blood out… Let the fury inside of you destroy the tenderness of soft and glimmer skin. Take all fluid you can, With bitter sorry smile. Don’t stop your ‘hunger’ On the half-way of the heartbeat. We don’t belong together… Yes, I know. Because Your sphere is the only […]

A new world is coming…


Do you know the name of the most hottest world/planet? Mercury..? Beep. That was the wrong answer 🙂 Yes, I know Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but Venus is hotter. Also funny fact about Venus – it remains the same temperature no matter where you go on […]